Big Scan

Nancy had a hair appointment on Friday at 5PM and it just so happens that her place is only a couple blocks from Persimmon Hollow – my favorite brewery. They occasionally have a blood orange wheat beer that just hits the spot for me and this was one of those times. There’s a taco place just across the alley from the brewery and more often than not, we take advantage of it by grabbing a couple of tacos. This time I tried one I hadn’t before – called the Rowdy Neighbor. It was a pulled pork taco with hot peppers and was the perfect mate for the blood orange wheat brewski. I’ll need to try it a few times to make sure it’s the right combo but I’m up for the project. Nancy’s favorite brew is called a “dirty blonde” and her Taco is called the Risky Neighbor – a shrimp taco.

For years Nancy and her quilter friends have provided quilts to Shands hospital for the children’s infusion lab. The contact there moved to Orlando and took a position at Arnold Palmer children hospital and started the quilt thing there. So it was neat this week when she emailed a picture of a young boy with a brain tumor wrapped up in a gator quilt. Apparently the boy was very depressed and the doctor thought maybe a quilt would give him a lift. Pam, the contact, gave him a choice of three and he took the gator quilt. She said his spirits picked up right away. Then they came to take him for tests and put him in a wheel chair where he broke down. They asked him what was wrong and he said he wanted his quilt. She said as soon as he got it, the light came back on. That’s the picture we got.

Had a PET scan today – I think the first I ever had. The prep is interesting – 48 hours with no carbohydrates. I figured that was easy enough until I found out that more things are carbohydrates than I thought. I always thought that anything that was “white” was probably a carbohydrate – potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, cake (made with flour). So with all the goodies coming out of the garden, no problem. Turns out that veggies are also carbs. It seems that anything not a protein or fat is a carb. Also no coffee, caffeine, alcohol, juice, fruit and on and on. I ended up with a big ham and cheese omelet so no starvation concerns. They also said no exercise or strenuous activity – not a real problem. The test itself was easy but time consuming. You get an injection of some kind of sugar, wait for 90 minutes in a relaxed environment then lay dead still in a scanning machine for 20 minutes. All in all not a bad experience but different than your standard X-ray.   I’ll get the results next week.

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