A Big “Fixit” Victory

We’re having spring for a couple of days so I took on a job I’d been thinking about for a few months – cleaning the poke boat. I have had the boat down by the lake for several years and it’s built up a layer of mold – like anything that sits around outside in Florida does. I’ve been reluctant to take any kind of bleach product to the fiberglass so went the power wash route. It cleaned up very nicely but I contacted the manufacturer anyway to find out what kind of treatment they would recommend. No response yet.

In fact, the power washer did such a great job that I decided to remove all the window screens and wash those as well. Totally unsolicited. But it’s true that no good deed goes unpunished. I turned on the power washer again and it started cycling on and off every two seconds or so – totally worthless. It does that if the AC power feed is too low or if the input water pressure is too low so I checked both of those. No go. So then I figured it was a block in the machine water path that was causing the pressure to go up quickly, activating an overpressure sensor. I took it all apart, section by section. Each piece seemed to work by itself but when they were all assembled, no go. I worked on it for an hour or so and then gave up. I was mostly suspicious of the end nozzle but couldn’t take it off to test it independently. I gave up for the day in utter frustration. The next morning I decided to try again and focused on getting the end nozzle off. There were clips and springs holding it all together and sure enough I did something that caused it to blow apart. I luckily found all the pieces, a spare nozzle head and managed to get it back together. Not sure I could ever do it again. Hooked up power and water and threw the switch. It worked. In the past George would have been in the loop quickly but somehow I managed.

With the return of great weather, I decided to jump into the late season spec fishing. I usually do that from the jon boat with the electric trolling motor. I often use the poke boat but when the fish are really biting it gets a little tricky handling the boat and the rods. One problem with the jon boat is that it is long and narrow and with just me in the back of the boat, the front end lifts up and the slightest breeze makes it tough to steer. The solutions to place a concrete block on the front of the boat to simulate another person. I’ve done it before, several years ago, so I know that works just fine. What’s a little different now is that when I did it before I was a bit younger, more spry, and without a sore back. But I did manage and took it out for an initial spec run. But the spec’s weren’t cooperating. Did have the pleasure of watching a flock (or family) of 6 eagles soaring above me. It’s not unusual to spot a pair but this is the first time I remember seeing so many at one time.

Nancy’s crochet group met so I decided to give the lake another try. This time I took my bass gear along with the spec rods. It’s early for the bass season but it’s been a strange weather year so maybe they’ll get a jump on the season. Alas, no fish. A couple of bites but nothing worthy of a report. I’ve apparently lost the razor’s edge and need to re hone my skills. This will take more lake time but I have to make that sacrifice.

End of week cooking. Another giant pot of pasta sauce and another large pot of roast cauliflower soup. Barbara next door likes the cauliflower soup so we’re making it as the cauliflower matures and faces going to seed. So it’s not the highest quality from an eating standpoint but perfect for soup.

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