Waterfront Park, Palm Coast

Nancy’s friend came up with tickets to hear the Von Trapps (sing) at a local church. I don’t watch “Sound of Music” reruns and you can’t imagine how much I wasn’t interested. But I’m thinking if Nancy really wants to go, it’s a Wednesday night at the Deland Presbyterian church, which is only a stone’s throw from Persimmon Hollow, and I could sacrifice and wait it out there while Nancy represents us at the event. At this point in time, we’re not really together on the whole plan.

The weather and tides have been wrong for my normal fishing excursions on Mondays, when Nancy plays bridge in Palm Coast so I had to come up with another way to kill a couple of hours. On the way to the beach I passed a sign that pointed to Waterfront Park and decided to check it out. The park is on the intracoastal and consists of literally miles of paved pathways through the woodsy shoreline. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been exploring the park – walking a couple of miles on each excursion. There is a very nice fishing pier right at the park entrance but it’s loaded with fisherman – including lots of noisy kids. I was hoping for spots to walk down to the shoreline and fish in privacy but it’s a steep, rocky shoreline designed to prevent erosion which means no shore fishing. There are lots of upscale condo’s just off the paths and I’m looking forward to exploring much more of it – until the fishing conditions improve.

Nothing spectacular going on in the garden, just pickin’ and Eatin’. It looks like a heavy duty storm is barreling down on us that will bring us an arctic blast by this weekend. That means a coverup job in my future. Generally if we can make it thru mid Feb, we’re home free. This is the same storm that’s drowning California and threatening to bury Chicago and New York in snow later this week so I’m not going to get much sympathy for our 32 degree plunge.

Robbie the Roomba made two successful runs this week – successful means Nancy started it up, it ran around for a couple of hours doing robot kinds of things, and it parked itself and went to sleep when it was all done. It seems to be quelling Nancy’s inner urge to run the vacuum so right now it’s enjoying a thumbs up rating.

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