Trying a Picture

Nancy renamed the roomba – Robbie – and turned it loose for a romp around the house. Got a barrier up to protect the trees from Robbie and a few barriers up to protect Robbie from the environment. We should be getting it right by now. We’ll see. In a perfect world you could turn it loose, leave the house and come back to a completed sweep job.

Tom asked me to try installing a photo into the blog so I’m giving that a try. First attempt was to create text using the Apple word processing software (Pages), then pasting in a photo and finally pasting the doc into the blog software. That approach didn’t work with the old software.


The next attempt was to paste in only the text and add the pic’s directly into the blog software. That’s how I always did it in the past. The picture is self explanatory. It looks like it worked the old way – pasting the picture in after the text was installed.

Roomba update – I’m sitting at the computer and all of a sudden I have something banging up against my feet – scared the hell out of me. It makes plenty of noise but I was focused on what I was doing.

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