Trying a New Soup

We spotted a soup recipe in the WSJ that sounded right up our alley – lots of veggies from the garden. It was called Tuscan Bread Soup with kale, cabbage and beans. What’s not to like. The only non-garden veggie required were leeks and potatoes. Delicious We make a fair amount of soup and take most of it over to Wilma, Nancy’s old bridge partner now in a senior independent living place in Palm Coast. She really doesn’t care for the food they serve but loves Nancy’s soups. She’s really tiny and Nancy worries she really can’t afford to miss meals.

Went fishing, first time in the lake without George. Not as much fun and didn’t catch anything. My other neighbor told me the other day that he just wasn’t getting anything but I figured he just didn’t know the spots. Guess I don’t either.

The weather has been nearly perfect from the perspective of working in the garden. Also, for the azaleas and camellias which normally start blooming in February but are starting a month early. I did say “nearly”. I’ve had to cover up the garden on the most delicate stuff again – for the third or fourth time this year. No real threats of frost or freezing temps so far which does make my coverup job much easier. The tough part is that these deep cold hits normally come as a front moves in – meaning windy conditions and sometimes rain. I mostly coverup with old sheet sets so you can imagine how tough it is to deal with a fitted sheet in a 20mph wind.

3 thoughts on “Trying a New Soup

  1. Bread soup? Was there bread in it?

    Also, I heard recently specs were hitting up there near you, is that what you were fishing for?


    1. tom, it works well and there’s a place to trash the weird comments. Regarding the bread soup, it was really, really good and yes, there is bread in it. but it’s cooked in so you don’t get the “bread” feel at all. I think it probably just thickens it.


    2. and yes, i was fishing for specs. zero’d out. I used the jon boat and had to get a concrete block placed on the front to counter weigh it. I screwed up my back the other day so it was a little problematic getting in and out but managed it without doing a big dump.


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