Roomba News

Finally pulled the plug on the sweet potatoes – dug them all up. They were planted just after the 4th of July, so the better part of 6 months. The last time I picked a few was almost a month ago and they were still on the smallish size. This time there were some monsters along with medium size and small ones but all in all, a good crop that will keep us in potatoes for a couple of months. Sooooooo much lettuce, starting to pick a few cherry tomatoes, and the flow of green bell peppers continues nicely. They’ll be coming on strong for the next month or so – especially if the weather stays so nice – low 80’s projected for the next week or so with an occasional sprinkle. We’re now providing lettuce to friends at Palm Coast bridge club – not just the Crescent City crowd. All the greens/greens we and 10 more of us could handle and within the next two weeks the space made available by picking the sweets, will be repopulated with miscellaneous stuff – probably a red kale and different varieties of cabbage.

Nancy left for her crocheting group and turned on the Roomba, aka mini Nance, while I headed to the garden for some light weeding and picking. I came in about an hour later and noticed that the artificial trees in the living room had been felled and Nance was caught underneath trying to plow herself out to no avail. It seems like every time we use it, a new condition surfaces. Bottom line – don’t leave the house with it running and expect it to fully complete the job. Still, it does a good job picking up sand and dust.

Tina’s surgery came off just fine and she should be coming home today. Her problem is a continuation of the one that occurred on a recent trip to Utah in which she spent several days in a hospital there. Olivia was on the scene and I just know the doc’s and nurses were on their best behavior. She works as a scribe for the same health system so she knows all the questions to ask and how the system works.

Here’s one to ponder. Disney is, without a doubt, a lefty corporation. If you don’t think so just watch ABC News. But, I like the way they solved a particular problem using a traditional right wing solution. They have too much traffic at the Disney theme Park in Orlando so to counter that, they again raised prices – I think $130/per person for a one day pass. What about the poor folks with lots of kids – this will only do more to price them out or make them choose between Disney or groceries.

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