Eatin’ good from the back yard

Thanksgiving was great – good company, good food, what more can you want. Tina picked and prepared a great food selection and it came together like a finely tuned machine. That event was followed on Sunday by a birthday party for Tommy Jr. He made it home from Chicago this year so we got to celebrate his event and Thanksgiving together – been quite a while since that occurred. He’ll be back again about mid December and we have a beach pub crawl planned.

The fall/winter bird migration has started as I’m looking out the window at a large flock of robins and another of the large woodpeckers. That unofficially hooks with the speckled perch season as does the several cold fronts that have moved in over the past couple of weeks. I’ve got to get up the gumption to give it a try. Usually George and I would have been hitting it early in November but I haven’t had the urge or the nudging from George.

I made the first pasta and greens for this season. I used kale and swiss chard, both just starting to put out a few decent size leaves. I probably could have added a collard leaf or two but will save that for next time. We’ll be full overload mode with greens by mid December. Nancy made cheese and green bean omelets for lunch so we’re definitely feeling the garden now. This year we have way more beans than eaters so consequently I’m picking them earlier while they’re small and tender. You can really tell the difference. We made a green bean salad for Thanksgiving which used 3 lbs of beans. Seemed to go over well. Beans are really tender relative to dealing with cold weather so I’m guessing that they’ll crash in the next couple of weeks.

Having our first serious cold tonight, Wed 11/28, with the F word (frost) popping up in the forecasts. I picked the last couple handfuls of green beans, the last zucchini, and a “ready to pick” green bell pepper then covered the pepper plants with a sheet and attempted to do the same with most of the tomatoes. I really suspect we won’t have any frost due to our lakeside location and the fact that the wind is coming off the lake but it’s not that much trouble covering up a few of the more sensitives. The beans are just about picked out so if they go, so be it. I can use the garden real estate.

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