Really bad news

In a month we’ll be in a serious lettuce overload. I have about 4 different kinds going and they are all super fast from seed to table – on the order of a month. Everybody likes lettuce so it’s an easy crop to distribute and better yet, you just pick the leaves you want and the plant keeps putting out. About the same time we’ll start on the lettuce, maybe Thanksgiving, there will be radishes and white Russian Kale ready to start picking. So the salads will be super. By mid December add spinach and swiss chard leaves to the mix and probably cherry tomatoes. I see a switchback to my green smoothie lunches fairly soon.

I went ahead and dug another linear foot or so into the sweet potato patch to see how much the tubers have grown since first checking a few weeks back. The good news is that I found a plentiful supply; the bad news is that they are still too small – bigger than they were a month ago but still way too small to eat – except maybe as a specialty, baby potatoes. I’d say they’re about half the size we typically buy. So Thanksgiving is not looking so good for the home grown sweets. And just to confirm, the tubers are still white so there are white sweet potatoes. I am picking some green beans so maybe we’ll provide the raw material for a green bean casserole.

Put in some snow pea seeds. Last year that didn’t work out so well, no idea why but going to give it another try.

Ate the half sized sweets putting them on the Holland grill along with zucchini slices and pork chops. They were good and welcomed when they get to regulation size.

George is back in the hospital. Barbara called last night with word that he had gone to the hemotologist for a routine check and they ordered an immediate transfusion of two units. That plus he has quite an infection, probably from the wound on his chest, and was running a fever of 103 degrees. He can’t catch a break. He’s been fighting that chest wound for at least 10 years with a handful of different doc’s but they don’t seem to be able to do anything permanent because of the old irradiated tissue – the result of a blast of cobalt about 50 years ago. This one sounds ominous and they told Barbara that he’d be at least 3 days in the hospital. Apparently it’s very much complicated by the fact that his pace maker is just a few inches away from the wound and prone to problems with infections. UPDATE. Got a call at 4:30AM, 11/1, telling us that George had passed away. No details other than the infection overwhelmed his system. I’m going to miss him a lot.

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