Election Weary

The garden is taking off. Put in most of the seedlings I started in early Sept. So far only a minimal amount of loss.

Nancy and I made eggplant parmigiana this week. Actually it was eggplant-zucchini parmigiana. I picked three small eggplants which turned out to be just a wee bit short so I picked a zucchini to intermix. Perfect. The sauce was still from the summer batch of tomatoes so this is a total homegrown, home cooked meal. The eggplants are from plants that were put in the ground last spring and managed to make it through the summer to produce a second crop. There are still blossoms on the plants so it could possibly go on for another month or so. In the mean time I planted some new ones a month or so back, hoping they’ll produce before a freeze gets them. The eggplant provided a surprise this year in that last year I had planted half a dozen and had them coming out our ears – nobody was interested in them. This year I planted about half as many plants but George and Barbara plus Garrett and Jinny decided that they could make parmigiana so there’s been a run on them.

Getting some nice, much needed rain. A couple of days ago I planted more seeds in the garden and they need to stay moist until they germinate so my timing was right on. The seeds planted included radishes, carrots, and two more varieties of lettuce. Also found another package of spinach seeds from last year so I gave it a spot. So far all the attempts at planting spinach have failed – either the seed is too old or the weather too hot. I suspect the former and plan to rectify that situation next time I hit the feed store in deLeon Springs.

I’m going to make another shot at harvesting sweet potatoes next week. I tried about 30 days ago and found the tubers too small. They’ve been in for over 100 days and that should be adequate. Two pressure points – we’re on the hook for the sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving and I need the space in the garden for more winter crops.

Chris update – Back in NYC as of Saturday, 10/27. He enjoyed the train from Charlotte in his sleeping car albeit a couple hours late. He’ll be living in a hotel until his apartment is ready, mid November. Between now and then he spends a couple days in Boston training and a week in Miami at a National sales meeting. His stuff was packed in two “POD’s” and will be delivered and unpacked when the apartment is ready for occupancy. All very slick and he seems happy to be back “home”.

I’ll be sooooooo glad when this election is over. The TV commercials are driving us batty. Florida is a fairly middle of the road state so there’s a ton of money spent on media to get a small advantage at the polls. We see the same commercials over and over again for months. The really depressing thing about the ads is that it lays out just how mean and corrupt every single candidate is. Each one, over and over again. I’m not sure how they get away with distorting things so greatly. Personally I think you have to be suspicious of anyone who chooses politics as a career.

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