Winter’s Coming

Exciting start to the day on Wednesday. The phone rang about 7:30AM which is really unusual. It was George relating that they had called 911 and there was an emergency vehicle on the way and asking me to go up to the road to guide them down to his house. His driveway is narrow, curved and heavily wooded so they couldn’t drive down to the house which is not visible from the road. We’ve been through this a couple of times and they need to unload the gurney on the road and walk it down to the house. The problem was blood pouring out a wound on his chest as a result of minor surgery a week ago. I got the EMT’s to the house and went in to see what I could do to help. Lots and lots of blood between the bathroom and the living room but the wound had started to clot and it wasn’t currently bleeding. George has all sorts of side issues with his heart and blood count so they loaded him onto the gurney and off to the hospital in Ormond. Barbara followed quickly and I volunteered to clean up the mess. What was complicating for me was that Nancy plays bridge on Wednesday and we have to leave for the game 20 miles away by 8:30. I got back to the house at 8:29 and we made it to the bridge game with minutes to spare.

George called about an hour later. They diagnosed the problem as a hematoma that had somehow opened. They cleaned the wound, re-bandaged it and released him about noon.

Nancy is squeezing in another Palm Coast bridge day today, Friday. I’m ok with that and will hit the surf again. Last time was just not good with a load of seaweed close to shore making it almost impossible to fish. I’m hoping that will be cleared up but also concerned about an even bigger problem – Biketoberfest. It’s another Daytona event that draws in over 100K bikers and they overflow onto the beaches way up into Flagler Beach, where I fish. The good news/bad news situation is that rain is forecast. That would keep the biking down but make the fishing a little dicey.

Looks like we’re only a few days from a major weather change. It’s forecast to cool off by the weekend – enough for me to start moving my cool weather seedlings to the garden. I won’t list all that will move but anything you can think of, especially if it’s green and leafy, will probably be going in. Picked the first zucchini of the season and have a few eggplants that could be picked so I’m officially in the fall garden. The next big milestone will be digging the sweet potatoes. I found a couple of tubers a few weeks back but they were really too small. I’m thinking Thanksgiving is covered!!

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