Fridge Fixed

Trying an experiment on the deck inside the screened porch. As described, we power washed the deck over the weekend and spread clorox to kill the mold. Three days later it looked good and you can see those areas where the deck paint/cool deck has worn off or blasted off with 15 years of power washing. I cordoned off a 10 sf patch, did a localized hit of clorox spray and then sprayed paint with as close a matching color as I could find. I have no doubt that even if the paint sticks, it won’t hold up as well to power washing as a heavy duty paint job but maybe it will look decent and be easier to maintain. As far as the color match, I think it will be a better match than the mold! Of course I could paint the deck black and for sure you wouldn’t see the mold.

We’ve had a persistent problem with the new fridge in that the door pops open or fails to close properly. We have a bottom freezer drawer and closing the freezer often causes the fridge door to pop open – not wide open but open a couple of inches so it’s not obvious to the casual observer. Tom and I tried adjusting the level but that didn’t noticeably improve the situation. When Joey and Mark came over this past weekend, we tried again but no improvement so we decided to call Lowes and order a service call. A few days later the service tech showed up and determined the problem was the fridge door had been improperly installed and the hinge was missing a spacer. He didn’t have the correct part on his truck but was able to fashion a temporary part that fixed the problem. There was also a question as to the proper installation of the freezer door handle. It worked but just didn’t look right. I visited the Lowes in Palm Coast and they had the same fridge on the floor and sure enough, the freezer handle was different. That plus Nancy’s quilting friend had just purchased the exact same fridge and confirmed that her’s was different than ours. The service tech took one look at it and said that the wrong handle had been installed and that too would be fixed on the follow up visit to install the proper spacer.

We had dinner last night with a dozen of my old high school classmates. They meet up monthly and we join them if they select a place closer to us than Cocoa where they mostly live. They chose a place, Goodrich’s) on the coast, Oak Hill, about an hour from us. It’s a sea food, fish camp kind of place on the Indian River Lagoon. It’s been there for years. The accommodations are sparse but it’s always crowded – the food is excellent and reasonably priced. I ordered a seafood wrap that included two sides. I selected baked beans for one of the sides as I usually do and was blown away by how good they were – I think maybe the best ever. Nancy got a shrimp basket and picked “southern” greens as one of her sides. Same comment from her – best ever. The classmate sitting across from us said the sweet potato fries were the best she’d ever had. Since we’re all 75+, no doubt the sides here are exceptional and worthy of another visit. Not much of a draft beer selection.

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