Still Recovering

Big academic news. Tom submitted his PhD dissertation and Olivia took the GRE and did well. Next step for Tom is actually getting the degree later this year and Olivia being accepted into a PA school. They’ve both worked hard toward these goals and the end is in sight. And the icing on the cake – Simon get’s an MS from Auburn at the same time. So an educational Trifecta coming our way in December.

We’ve had so much rain this summer that the garden is filling with weeds at a rate that’s tough to keep up with. The silver lining to that is the weeds become the primary source of the next generation compost. It’s also much easier to pull the weeds when the ground is soggy – so what if I’m a dripping, muddy mess after weeding only a couple of rows. I’m surprised that the sweet potato plants appear to be doing quite well, at least the foliage and the eggplants are producing loads of blossoms and new fruit. In the past I’ve had only off and on luck with eggplants but now I’m thinking overwatering is a good thing and in the past, maybe they got too dry.

After 10 days, the hematoma swelling is going down and the color has changed from black to light, mottled purple with some yellow overtones. Really ugly. It’s still fairly sore but much improved. The latest blood test showed some improvement in iron level – still too low but heading in the right direction. According to the doc, all the blood that had settled in the hematoma would eventually be absorbed back into my body so the iron level should naturally return to it’s normal level. Seem’s right to me. oops – I decided to attack those weeds mentioned above and screwed up my hematoma somehow so it hurts again and is getting bigger. Nice Joe.

Sure glad school is about to start again. That will help clear the beaches on Mondays when I do my weekly surf fishing. There will still be some out of state kids where school starts after Labor Day but for the most part, much clearer. For the past two weeks, my Monday surf trip has been messed up due to a massive beach reconstruction project all along the strip where I do most of my fishing. Not sure how long that project will continue but imagine they want to get all the new sand down before the peak of storm season. So far we’ve had nothing at all brewing in the Atlantic but I don’t start breathing easy until after the first of October. It bothers me that the same expert forecasters that started out predicting an above average active season just last week adjusted their forecast way downward – to below average. If their first prediction was so far off base, why should we expect the second one will be any better. Also, why would the hurricane forecasts come from Colorado?

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