From NC

We drove to Charlotte Saturday to spend the day with Chris in his new home before heading to the mountain cabin near Ashville with Tom and his family. Chris has a brand new townhouse in an area of Charlotte called Waverly. It’s on the south side of town in a totally newly developed community. It’s one of those new concept places with a highly retail center intermixxed and surrounded by homes and apartments so that everything you need for everyday living is within walking distance. There must be a dozen restaurants of all types, a really nice Whole Foods, and the standard mix of other retail. We ate at the Carolina Ale House last night and loved it. Jamie starts his new job today and Chris takes over his store next Monday. Tom, Tina and Olivia joined us Sunday afternoon, we did a late lunch at a Mexican place there and then headed off for the cabin at Lake Lure. Joey joins us mid week; ditto Simon an his newly announced fiance, Amy; and then other family members. The Carolina relatives, will join us next weekend. Should be a fun time.

The drive to the cabin was exciting. It was about half good road and half narrow, windy, mountain roads – reminded me alot of driving in the mountains in Utah. We hit a super market and loaded up with groceries for the week. The place is quite roomy and will get the job done just fine. There’s a nice looking lake out the back door and a canoe waiting on the shore so we’ll be running a bass test later. Report to follow.

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