Fixed the Dock

We’ve got some kind of “bad knee” disease going on. George, Barbara, Nancy and I all have the same knee problems. George and Nancy visited doctors and both were diagnosed (eventually) with a torn meniscus and told that it is something you get when you’re old. Like the dentist says – “you’ve got old teeth” or the eye doc says – “you’ve got old eyes”. duh! Nancy’s doc is giving her shots; George’s told him to use ice a few times a day, take tylenol, and keep his leg elevated. Barbara and I are just avoiding the whole doctor thing and are just toughing it out. Actually I’m semi toughing it out by going with the ice remedy. We all seem to be getting a little better. For me, one of the toughest moves is getting in and out of the car and the kayak. Getting down on hands and knees to pick beans is also a bit trying. Maybe next year I’ll grow pole beans again.

Rumor has it that a 7’ gator wandered on into the lake a couple days ago. That happens from time to time but a few of the locals take care of it – usually within a day or so. A couple nights ago we heard two gunshots from a serious weapon and assume the critter was converted into steaks, wallets, belts etc. Sounds kind of harsh but if you had a dog or child living on the lake, you might see it differently. We also had another wildlife encounter yesterday. We came home from Nancy’s bridge game and when she opened the screen door, a snake scooted right by her trying to get out. It was obviously an OK snake – maybe 2’-3’ long and about as big around as a pencil. I think it was a black racer which is totally harmless but it does give your heart a start when you don’t expect it and when it races by about 2’ from you. He was having trouble finding his way out and we needed a broom to help it find the doorway but it was all over in a minute or so.

Joanne, Joey and Mark came up for a “work” day yesterday. There are a few jobs in the house that are difficult for Nancy to keep up with. And I try my best to keep up with the outside but occasionally a job too big or technical for me to handle comes up. This time it was the dock which was starting to get shabby with rotting decking. The structure itself is just like new but the deck itself, particularly the portion that’s directly in the sun has been deteriorating. That’s a Mark job. So a couple of weeks ago I picked up a dozen 16’ deck planks. We pulled up all the bad boards and replaced them with the new wood. Took us the better part of a day but we did it. I finished off the next day by carrying all the bad wood over to the burn pile on George’s and just generally cleaning up. Looks good and hopefully it will hold up another 12-15 years. The only loss was a hammer dropped in the lake but I know exactly where it is and as soon as the water warms up, I’ll retrieve it.

The winter garden is winding down fast. Not much kale left, one more cabbage, no regular spinach. The chard is hanging in there but by mid afternoon, it’s wilting badly – just can’t handle the heat. I give it another week, that’s all. The collards and the NZ spinach are hanging in there so I have greens for my smoothies.

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