Nancy’s New Toy

Nancy has a new toy. One of her bridge buddies bought a device for quilting which she must be afraid to use. Plenty of money but a beginner’s apprehension. This is a device for cutting cloth into strips and/or a variety of different shapes. The basic machine is called an “Acuquilt” and along with that you buy cutting dies for different shapes. I think she was so intimidated by the machine that she gave it to Nancy to “try”. Getting it all set up and operating is something I wasn’t looking forward to, especially with Nancy hovering over me issuing instructions and advice and reminding me that this was an expensive piece of equipment. I’m not good at putting mechanical devices together and it takes me a little longer than it probably should but I can usually get it. The “coaching” from the sidelines is not a help. She got it yesterday afternoon and I said I had too much to do at that point because of the approaching freeze. Actually I knew she was going to her crochet group the next morning at 9:30 and I’d have several hours alone to figure it out. I was extra lucky because she overslept and was in too much of a panic to get ready for crochet group that the cutting machine never came up.

First thing I noticed was that the box had never been opened so that meant any screw-up’s were squarely on my shoulders. I got it out and found the instruction pamphlet. The instructions were for a lesser model with a hand crank for roll the material into the cutter whereas this model was fully automatic. Along with the machine she had bought 4 different cutting dies to cut 4 different shapes – a couple of triangles, squares, strips, and diagonals. Her friend had even included a few pieces of material for practice. It took me about a half hour to get ready for a test run – the biggest problem for me was that it was written for a quilter and used terms I didn’t understand. Anyway, the first pattern I cut came out perfect so I moved on to doing strips and a variety of other shapes. Definitely easier, faster, and more accurate than hand cutting but I don’t think Nancy will be able to operate it with her visual limitations – although she never ceases to amaze me at how much she can do with her fingers. I think I’m destined to be the designated cutter. Maybe when I show it to the owner she’ll scoop it up and take it home with her. I can only hope. My real concern about it is the continuing expense. There are loads of (expensive) templates with different shapes and sizes so I can easily see a large inventory building up. My other concern is sharpening the cutter. I’m just guessing but suspect you have to go back to the dealer to have it sharpened from time to time depending on the material type and machine usage.

It finally looks like the cold weather is history so I made the big plunge and planted all the seedlings into the garden. The day after check has the peppers doing just fine but the eggplant looking a little under the weather – still alive and kicking but not lovin’ the new digs. I also put in some new cucumber seeds, squash seeds and another 40’ row of green beans. All of these new seed plants are backup’s to existing plants to extend the season. I have a little room in the garden so might as well fill it.

Maybe too soon to say but the thyroid pills seem to be working in that I don’t feel nearly as tired as I did.

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