Sixtieth High School Reunion

We went to my sixtieth high school reunion this past weekend. It was held in Cocoa, near where Joey lives, so we spent the night with him instead of driving home. He dropped us off at the event and then picked us up just when we were getting ready to leave – perfect timing. Our graduating class was just over 100 folks and I’d estimate roughly a quarter of those were in attendance. Most of them were reasonably local but there was a couple from Arizona, Texas, and California and generically the southeast. I was the MC so that part was amateur hour for sure. Definitely a crowd of old folks in a variety of physical and mental conditions but it turned out much better than I had anticipated.

Might have gotten an answer to a physical problem that’s been bugging me. I’ve been tired for the last 6 months and had trouble coping with cool temps this year. Tired meaning I can get a full nights sleep and be yawning and ready for a nap a couple of hours later. And be that way most of the time. I have a general physical this week and had a blood draw last week as part of the process. The day after the test the nurse called and said I had a blood issue and to please contact them. Turns out I have an under active thyroid. I looked that up on the internet and found I have 7 of the 10 symptoms, the tiredness and cold sensitivity being the most obvious. The med is a bit inconvenient because you have to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and I was told that I couldn’t even drink for at least a half hour after taking the pill. That wouldn’t work very well with my morning coffee. Then when I actually got the prescription filled, the label on the bottle said very specifically to take it on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water with it. I’m going to assume that coffee (without cream and sugar) falls into the “plenty of water” category.

We seem to be having some difficulty transitioning from winter to spring with on and off stretches of cold – near freezing kind of cold – and double digit winds, almost always from the North. For the past few weeks I have to cover the garden to protect the sensitive young plants and the peppers still recovering from the real cold we had a month or so back. One consequence of that is that the seedlings that should have been transplanted to the garden by now are outgrowing their containers. I’m waiting for a weather report with one week visibility free of any fronts moving in from the NW. The almanac says March 20 is the last date I should have to worry about such. Will this global warming ever kick in?????

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