Eggplants are Wimpy

I can now answer the burning question – which seedlings are the most sensitive to temp. Answer – egg plants are the wimpiest of the summer crops. We got down to about 40 last night and I wasn’t at all concerned about frost so left all the small plants outside, uncovered. I personally thought peppers would show the most stress, if any but they took it without the slight sign of distress whereas the eggplants looked hammered. Interestingly, I brought them in the house and within an hour or so, they were looking totally fine.

Yesterday was eventful – after taking Nancy to Crescent City to play bridge, George called and asked if I wanted to fish a couple of hours. We did and about noon he got a call on his cell phone from Barbara telling him that she had tripped over an extension cord and was injured. We headed in immediately – I went to our house and he went up to his. A few minutes later he called but I wasn’t fast enough to get to the phone and missed the call. I decided to walk up to his house and see if everything was ok. I got to their front porch and immediately saw lots of blood on the porch and noted that their car was gone. We made contact a few minutes later and he explained that she had fallen and banged her head on the pavement and broke her wrist. Later I learned that he had a 4” gash on her forehead that took 18 stitches to close and a wrist broken in two places. Ouch. I went back home and turned on the TV only to find that it was totally dead. All that plus the fishing wasn’t all that great.

We’ve been kicking around getting a bigger set that would be better for Nancy so the loss was an inconvenience but with an upside. I moved the bedroom TV to the living room and we decided to start searching for a replacement the next day when we were in Deland. The IT Dept (Tom) said the best deals for a low tech TV that totally satisfies our requirements would be Sam’s. That’s in Daytona where we would be later in the week. So the plan was to check Walmart in Deland and then Sam’s then pick whichever proved better. As it happens we hit a good sale on a 55” set in Walmart and just pulled the trigger on that. In a couple of hours it was up and running just fine.

Then last night we had a weird TV night. We’re on an antenna – no cable, no satellite – but typically have dozens of channels available. It’s normal for the set to find between 40 and 50 channels on a scan, many of them Hispanic or otherwise of little interest but we get the major networks – usually. But every now and then we have strange atmospheric’s and last night was one of those. I was still messing around with setting up the new set and noticed that reception was poor to non existent on most of the major networks. So I tried an automatic scan and sure enough it found only two channels. To make sure the problem was not the new set, I checked the other TV in the bedroom and found the same limited channel selection. Back to the new set and another scan but this time through it found 77 channels – that’s the most ever and it was duplicated by the other TV. The atmospherics were playing games but the really weird thing was that most of the channels that we normally get were non existent or marginal whereas the majority coming in loud and clear were stations we never get. Got up the next morning and it was back to normal. Strange. It’s easy to understand getting exceptional reception or getting really poor reception but the reversal of which channels you get is beyond me.

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