Fat Fingers Affliction

Veggie seeds are interesting things. About a month ago I planted seeds in 3” x 3” peat pots filled with a seed starting soil mix. I’m sure I mentioned previously how surprising it is to see them germinate within hours of each other. I usually put 2 seeds in each pot and if both germinate, I transplant one to another pot of the same size. As weather permits, I put them outside to get filtered sunlight rather than artificial lighting. As they grow I increase the sun exposure so they are “hardened” for life in the real world. I started the process this year being extra careful because I was using the very few leftover seeds from last season and I’ve ended up with a fine set of seedlings waiting for the big move. I check them everyday to make sure they have plenty of moisture and was surprised today to find 4 new seed germinations overnight. I’ve always known that there are some late germinators but the surprise is to see all those germinate on the same day, almost 4 weeks after planting. We do use lots of green peppers so the only problem is having enough garden space and since I have it all mentally allocated, what other plant has to go to provide the space. Another factor complicating the issue is that I managed to save all the plants from last season and those have starting putting out new blossoms. I had planned for the fall crop to be totally gone by now rather than just getting started on a new crop. Even after giving away plants already accounted for, I could easily end up with 20+ plants. And by now several of the new tomato seedlings would have crashed but due to the special attention I’ve given them, I’m well over 100% there and facing the same space dilemma. Do we really need eggplants?; zucchini?; fewer green beans? Now watch – a freak freeze will solve all my problems. One good thing is that I’ve totally given up on corn so that releases about a third of the garden for other things.

Started fishing from the kayak after dinner and before it gets dark. This is the beginning of the bass bedding season and the time of year where the monsters are on the shoreline building and protecting their beds. I’ve been picking up a few small ones here and there but last night hooked into a monster. I had him/her on long enough to think I could land it through all the water lilies and other vegetation. Wrong, he got tangled up in the brush and the knot on the lure slipped so I not only lost the fish but the lure. And it was a brand new, hard to find lure. I only know one place where I can possibly find one without resorting to ordering on line. I need it tonight! And a spare (or two). So the online solution doesn’t help tonight. I’ve lost more lures in the past few months than I have in my lifetime, cumulatively and it all stems from my increasing inability to see the line properly when tying the knots. The goal of the line manufacturers is to make the leader material strong yet nearly invisible. Mission accomplished, especially the nearly invisible part. And I seem to have a new infliction – fattening of the fingers. It also wouldn’t hurt as much if I was losing dollar lures instead of ten dollar lures. Maybe the new tax law will let me write these off.

George is back in the hospital for another heart issue – this time AFIB, an electrical problem which could generate blood clots and a stroke. He’s having a procedure which is supposed to resynchronize the system. They place an instrument down the throat into the chest and up against the heart. Then zap it. It may work the first time and stay in sync forever or it could require doing the procedure every now and then. That poor guy has had so many different, unrelated heart issues that it’s surprising he’s still alive. He’s had new valves installed, pace makers installed, defib’s installed, liquid pumped out of his lungs and now the shock treatment. Other than that, he’s healthy and active which is no doubt why he survives all these issues

update – the shock treatment didn’t work so back to looking for a solution. They did find some additional leaky valves.

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