Weather – too much of a good thing?

The weather we’ve had for the past two weeks and forecast for the next two is typical of mid April. That doesn’t mean it can’t turn cold in March but right now, my play on early starts for seedlings and planting beans in the garden is feeling less risky. The bean seed started germinating in 6 days compared to an expected 10-14. So far, so good. Also, transplanted all the seedlings into larger containers and gave them a small dose of liquid fertilizer. That’s a big step in the progression and usually there are a few casualties but so far, two days later, no losses. I also planted a few cucumber seeds directly in the garden, about 3 weeks earlier than I had planned. With weather visibility out to nearly mid March, I’m gaining confidence that this is just going to be an early spring. But the unexpectedly warm weather is creating a garden problem. The seedlings are growing much faster than anticipated and I don’t have enough room available in the garden to transplant them. Also, the compost I use when transplanting the seedlings is not ready. I had it timed for mid to late March so it’s not “cooked”.

And the garden is now officially feeding little old ladies in two bridge clubs. We’re producing far more kale, collards, and lettuce than we can possibly use. I had expected my neighbors would be taking more this year with George’s grandson and his family moving in but they prefer eating out to cooking in.

We found a “new” breakfast hole in the wall. A place called C Waffles. It’s apparently a local chain but it certainly seems like a purely local operation. It’s located in a place that was a marginal Chinese restaurant for a few years – the kind that you knew was trapping local animals for the protein in the chow mein. We drove by it a few times heading for an old standby but couldn’t help but notice that the parking lot was jammed – so we decided to give it a try. It was small and noisy but the crowd seemed to be a happy bunch so we stayed. Wow, the food was great. You’d have to say that there shouldn’t be much difference in breakfast food from place to place but these eggs just tasted better and the hash browns were as good as they get. Nancy tried a waffle – egg sandwich and sang the praises of the waffle. I went more traditional with an omelet, hash browns and a biscuit. Excellent. I’ve had better biscuits but never, ever had better hash browns. The big negative is the small size and the number of customers – which results in a really noisy background. It’s noisy enough that I would never go back if the food weren’t stellar.

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