Cone head style cabbage

Had the second installment of the Blue Apron gift – an orange glazed chicken dish. This one was a little more challenging since it had 3 pans going simultaneously with lots of action going on with each. The only “new” part (to us) was the mashed potatoes. You cut the potatoes into cubes then boiled along with 3 cloves of garlic mashed. Drained and returned to the pot where you added a couple tablespoons of olive oil and some chopped scallions – no butter or milk. They were really good and must be fairly low in calories since the whole meal was only 500 calories per serving. The rest of the meal was oven roasted carrots and broccoli and a pan fried chicken breast with a glaze added at the very end so most of the calories had to be from the potatoes. The next one is a pasta bolognese that’s we’ve had before. As these recipes go, it’s really easy

The new tomato seedlings have started sprouting the first set of true leaves and the green peppers and eggplants are just breaking ground. Looks like good germination on those too. I have two “customers” for my overage so I’m being more careful than usual – my reputation is at stake. I took a giant leap into the wild side – planted a row of green bean seeds in the garden. That’s a month early and it’s likely we’ll get another cold snap. The AG folks say not to plant before March 20 in our area. Beans are a delicate crop with respect to temperature but the weather has been moderate for a couple of weeks and the 10 day forecast looks good – lows in the mid 60’s, highs in the mid 80’s. That plus I have seeds left over from last season so even if I have to replant, no great loss. The other advantage to getting in an early crop is that the bugs aren’t nearly as fierce now as they will be in a couple of months.

How do you like the cabbage? This cone variety is really tender and works well chopped up for taco’s, shredded for coleslaw, or very lightly cooked as a veggie side. Nancy bought a cali ham and made ham and cabbage (with garden carrots) the other night. Delicious.

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