Cauliflower Tots

A few days ago George knocked on the door and told me a fish story. He had caught 4 nice spec’s the night before and as usual, left them on the stringer, dangling in the water overnight so as to clean them the next morning. When he went down to clean them, the stringer was empty with no sign of the fish. I suspected an otter but it was possibly something else – a gator, turtles, raccoons, neighbors – who knows. We know now. I went down this morning to put in the poke boat and as I started moving the boat toward the shore, I heard the distinctive snort of an otter. Sure enough a large one had surfaced about a 100’ offshore and made a beeline toward me. Not even a little spooked. He probably thought I was bringing him some fish. came to within about 25’ then dove and resurfaced a little farther out. He just watched me put the boat in with an occasional snort and then casually swam away. We have seen otters in the lake on several occasions but this is the first time in at least 6 months and since he knows where to get a free fish dinner, we’ll have to be a little more careful about leaving the fish exposed.

We made an interesting cauliflower dish – with an extremely large position of cauliflower in the garden, coming up with creative ways to “eat” into the backlog is essential. This one creates cauliflower “tots” – as in “tater” tots. Delicious. We had bought a 12 position mini muffin pan but the recipe created a batch big enough for 24 (with half a head) so we did a refill. Before it was over, we used the whole head and made about 50 tots – saved enough for dinner and froze the rest. I guarantee before the week is out we’ll get a 24 position pan and create them 36 at a time. They would be great for a party snack. No one would ever guess what they were eating so they would be a great conversation generator.

Nancy is crafting up a storm. More quilting and crocheting going on than I’ve seen for quite a while. All charity work. Tina came up the other day and they talked quilts and shopped half a day. Yesterday/last night Nancy attended a trunk show in Ormond which is not too far from Palm Coast. After her bridge game, I dropped her off at the show where she hooked up with one of her quilt buddies from here. I think the subject of the show was what you can make from scraps or left over chunks of fabric. Big day. I was home by 6:30 but she didn’t make it until 9.

More winter rain – very unusual. It came overnight where it woke me a couple of times so it was no big surprised to see just over 2” in the rain gauge. I won’t have to water the garden for at least a week. The garden is a raised area in the field that’s my neighbor’s back yard. It raised by the continuous loads of compost I create and layer onto the growing rows. The surrounding field is soggy wet – it squishes when you walk on it – but the actual garden dries out nicely and the deeper roots can get to all the water the plants need. The lake is higher than usual for the summer time let alone the dry season, so this could be an interesting summer. Maybe I should be thinking about a row of rice or water cress. Supposed to get cold again for a couple of days but no frost or freeze worries. Usually the last frost/freeze date is Feb 20. I give it a couple of weeks after that and then start putting out my new seedlings.
Watched the State of the Union speech last night and was impressed with the content and delivery but my favorite moments of all were when the cameras panned over to Schumer and Pelosi. The expression on their face was pure agony and I don’t think it was about the content of the speech. I think it was them coming to the realization that they were seeing the conversion of the 4 year term into an 8 year term.

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