Ready for a little Global Warming

Xmas report. Met Joey and Mark along with his mother Peggy, Paul and Francesca for a pre-Christmas luncheon at the Willow Tree in Sanford. Wonderful time. Then We went over to Flagler beach on Christmas eve to take Wilma out for lunch. We went to the Funky Pelican on the pier and it couldn’t have been a nicer day to sit outside by the beach. Went to Lake Mary on Christmas which has been the tradition since we moved back to Florida. Everything was great – food, company, and gifts. We got there about 10AM and left around 5 to get home before dark.

Shock – Chris turned 40 (on Christmas day). How old does that make us???? He got the full benefit of the holiday birthday with several of his stores throwing surprise birthday parties – no green or red decorations. We reminded him that if his birthday had been something other than Dec 25, then no surprise parties. Still no word on the potential Dallas move but it should be announced within this week.

The garden is going bonkers. I’m giving credit to the extra large loads of compost I’ve added in the past 6 months. It’s been years since we grew such great green peppers. We always get some but this year is really exceptional. I was charged with bringing the salad makin’s to the Christmas party and picked it all just before we left. I picked two kinds of lettuce, two kinds of kale, a few baby chard leaves, beet leaves, spinach leaves, radishes, cherry tomatoes and carrots. I could have included a broccoli head but decided that would be over the top. We’ll eat that this week. Within the next two weeks we should be adding cabbage and cauliflower to the table mix and we’ll start providing kale and collard greens to the little old bridge ladies. The tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes and I only hope that the cold weather heading our way is manageable. If not, I have loads of seedling plants ready to fill the space. Right now we’re at 100% full – only a few square inches available to pop in seeds. Spinach is my go-to space filler. Each plant doesn’t take up much space and keeps putting out new leaves as you pick.

Bet the folks in Erie PA are hoping for a little global warming.

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