Trip to NYC

I’m in shock and mourning. Remember that surf reel I mentioned as out for repair? Well, the repair guy called and Shimano no longer makes the spare parts for that reel – so it’s nearly history. The problem with it is the level wind so I told him to put it back together but remove the level wind parts and let me see if I can use it without that feature. He also threw out a thread of hope that Shimano might just send me a new reel. I know that sounds like a major win (if it happens) but the thing is, reels cast better with age as they break in.

Update – he found the parts on E-Bay and fixed it. Better than ever. I’ll reward it with a large bluefish next week. Also found a place to get a new tip installed on my surf rod so that’s behind me as well. I was a little nervous because I had promised to take Simon and Amy surf fishing over the Christmas break and my gear was looking a little questionable. Good to go.

We had an outstanding weekend. Tommy and Tina took us to NYC for a Broadway show – got the plane tickets, hotels, transportation, meals – the complete package. We spent Saturday night at their house then left for the airport early Sunday morning. Flew into Laguardia and got a cab to the Sheraton in downtown Manhattan. Lunch at Juniors deli, dinner at Heartland Brewery, and the show, Beautiful, at the Sondheim Theatre. After the show we did the lights at Rockefeller Center, Times Square and all the touristy things. The light show at Saks fifth avenue was indescribable. I’ve never ever been in a more crowded environment including a Tokyo subway at rush hour. While all this was happening, the lights were gone at the Atlanta airport where we were scheduled to be Monday afternoon. Other than that and the generally cold weather, it couldn’t have been a better trip. We got to Atlanta and of course our original flight had been cancelled but we were able to secure standby tickets for a flight only a couple hours later than originally scheduled. We boarded without a hitch and were back home in Lake Mary just after dark. We really didn’t feel like driving home to the lake so we spent the night there and enjoyed the Voice with the family. I had an eye doctor appointment in Deland early Tuesday morning and it was actually closer from Tom’s house than the lake so that worked out perfectly.

The eye doc said I can make it another 6 months and then have to give serious consideration to cataract surgery. As the designated driver here, not sure how that’ll fit into the program but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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