Here come the blues

The garden loves spec season. After cleaning, I bury the carcasses strategically to bring the nourishment where it will do the most good. Today’s catch ended up resting amongst the Swiss Chard plants; yesterday’s did the cabbage. I have to be careful to bury them deep enough to keep the critters from digging them up. One day last year I walked over to the garden to find a large flock of big buzzards pulling up everything in sight to get to the buried treasure. What a mess that was. Now when I plant a carcass I place a palmetto frond stem directly over it to make landing difficult.

Another wintry blast. This one brought snow to San Antonio where Chris was spending the day. Who ever heard of such a thing. Snow in Mobile too. We are expecting near freeze conditions over the next few days but it probably won’t happen right here. We’re within a hundred feet of the lake and that normally provides just enough warmth to keep us a few degrees above the surrounding neighborhood. At least the tomatoes are hoping for that. My plan is to wait until about 3PM this afternoon then wrap sheets around the tomato, pepper and zucchini plants. My guess is that we’ll drop into the upper 30’s with some patchy frost and those are the only crops that would suffer from that.

Nancy corralled me into taking her to Gainesville to deliver quilts to the children’s infusion lab at the university hospital. Her and her friend Esther make a few every week and when the pile get’s high, someone takes them up. This was a 25 quilt pile and it was our turn. We made a day of it – breakfast at the Flying Biscuit and pasta shopping at Fresh Market.

The last time I went surf fishing – the Monday bridge game in Palm Coast – was a disaster. The wind was blowing, the surf was super rough, and my primary casting reel broke. Fast forward a week and I dropped my reel off at a repair shop then headed to the surf taking my second favorite outfit. We’ve had cold, cold weather for the past couple of days but it was warming up and the surf was awesome (for fishing). And the beach was nearly deserted. I’d heard rumors of blues in the surf and came armed with frozen finger mullet for bait. When I went to rig up I realized that some of the terminal tackle I knew was in the tackle box, wasn’t. Ok, I can improvise something. Just before making the first cast I noticed that the line was not hanging properly from the rod. Oh, no – the tip guide was broken. I wasn’t sure it would cast at all in that condition but decided to go for it and lay out a long one. Perfect. And 5 minutes later I was landing a medium size bluefish. Fifteen minutes later a larger fish grabbed it hard enough to yank the rod out of the sand spike. After a nice fight, I landed a 3’ black tip shark. Another successful cast and 15 minutes later, another 3’ shark. All in all, snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Hopefully by next week I’ll have the old reel back and ready for action and the backup rod repaired and ready. I do have a backup rod for the backup rod so………………

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