Big Peach Bowl

This is a really busy time in the garden. We’re picking, transplanting seedlings started in mid October, and planting seeds in the house that will be the final cool weather crop in April. We have about 10 tomato plants and that many green pepper plants which will be done – either picked out or frozen – by sometime in January (hopefully) and the newest seedlings will go in when the those plants are pulled. We’re at the point where something has to come out for anything new to go in – 100% planted. This last planting will be cabbage since that’s our hottest seller and can handle spring heat in April and maybe into May. At the first of the year, I plant the seeds for what will become the 2018 spring – summer crop. The only real break is from mid July to mid Sept when the heat and the humidity are too much for most anything including the farmer.

Tried something new (to us). We took a zucchini and “spiralized” it. The result was a pile of pasta like zucchini noodles about the size of linguini. We boiled those for about 2 minutes then mixed with Nancy’s home made pasta sauce. A perfect, low cal pasta-like side. We were having sausage, onion and green pepper hoagies with Nancy’s home made pasta sauce so the squash made a perfect side. I think next time we’ll try using the zucchini “noodles” with olive oil, garlic and whatever moves us – maybe some fresh green from the garden. I do think we’ll have to upgrade the spiralizer to handle larger zucchini.

Just watched the AAC championship game with UCF and Memphis. Wow, what a game! UCF wins in double overtime. The game last week against South Florida was also a nail biter. Too bad this will be the last game for the coach who seems to be headed for the head coaching job at Nebraska. For those who don’t follow the team, they went from a winless season two years ago to a perfect season this year. Now comes the final game of the season with the Peach Bowl. Big game for the family with Tom employed by UCF and Simon (and his intended) employed by Auburn. Pretty sure we’ll be doing New Year’s day at the Lake Mary Carbone’s.

Great weekend. Joanne came up Saturday morning and took Nancy shopping. They shopped till they literally dropped on Saturday and then repeated it on Sunday. It was all Christmas and clothes shopping, my least favorite activities. Nancy was happy, I was happy and Joanne gets the hero button.

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