A Full Thanksgiving

Did Thanksgiving at Tom’s this year.

We were tasked with bringing a veggie tray to the event. Actually Joey was but somehow Nancy took it over. There’s not a lot coming out of the garden yet but we are picking green peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and radishes – all suitable for the tray. I decided to wait until the last minute to pick so everything would be at the freshest possible. I knew on Wednesday that rain was forecasted on Thanksgiving day but the forecasters and the radar said the rain would hold off until about noon in our area so no problem holding off the harvest until just a few hours before we left for Tom’s. About 6AM I woke up when the rain started pounding the roof. I had left some seedlings out overnight so I had to jump up out of bed and run out to move them back under the porch. That was a good move because it was not raining too hard. I stayed up so I could go over to the garden and pick when the rain stopped. It didn’t and only got harder. By 10AM Nancy is in the prep mode and needed the garden contribution. I wondered if I could even find the garden it was raining so hard. Couldn’t even see the lake. And you can’t pick radishes while holding an umbrella. The only good thing was that I wouldn’t have to worry about washing the dirt off the radishes between the house and the garden. It slowed down to just pouring when I made my move. The garden was totally flooded – the paths between the planting rows were (cuff deep) rivers – but I survived. To cap it off, Nancy was “unhappy” that my feet were wet in the kitchen. Then it was tricky getting the plates of food from the house to the car without drowning and no fun driving in hard rain to Tom’s. It rained about 3/4 of the trip but cleared up before we arrived. After a great feast, we checked the traffic report and weather radar to find that the hard rain persisted – starting just about where it ended on the trip down and ending at our house so we left earlier than anticipated to keep most of the trip in the light. Made it. The rain gauge showed we had accumulated 4”. Can’t wait to check out the garden and see how much of it floated away. update – had some losses but no disaster.

Tom and Tina bought extra tickets for an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, “Love Never Dies”, the sequel to Phantom and invited us to join them. We went to a local sports bar, watched the Auburn Alabama game in a raucous environment, ate lots of hot wings and made the show with plenty of time to spare. The show itself was not all that good – just not up to Weber standards in my opinion. A little way into the second half, there was a stage malfunction that halted the show for about a half hour so it was close to 11PM when it ended and just past midnight when we got back to Lake Mary. We got up fairly early by Tom’s standards, had breakfast at an old favorite haunt of mine – a place we ate at frequently back in the 60’s, and then went over to see Olivia’s house/condo near the UCF campus. Tom bought it as an investment and for Olivia to have a really nice, safe abode. She has two roommates and plenty of room. It’s a mile or so from the main campus and a place we’d be happy to live in ourselves.

Then a stop at a nearby Costco so Nancy could pick up a “few things” she had forgotten on the last trip. It was advertised as a stop to pick up a package of socks but I knew it would end up with a full basket. yep! So all in all, we had a full and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

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