Monster fish story

The garden is taking off nicely now. I’ve had great success in thinning and transplanting lettuce, carrots, beets and spinach and the kale, collards, chard and other greens are taking off. At the same time, we’re picking a few cherry tomatoes and green peppers. Last year was a good year but at least half of what I grew went to waste – even with major giveaways to Nancy’s buddies. This year my neighbor and his grandson, also a neighbor, are pledging diets that will be supposedly garden driven. We’ll see. I planted extra lettuce, enlarged the kale row and have about a dozen swiss chard plants started. So not counting lesser appreciate greens – radish and beet – we should be rolling in salad material by the end of November. I also took into account providing for Nancy’s new friends in the crochet club. These are little old southern gals who love their greens.

The big milestone occurred today when I made a green smoothie using greens from the garden. For the past 6 months we’ve had to buy spinach from the grocery store to make smoothies so the garden should be the source for the next 6 months. It’s still very early and I had to look hard to find a few leaves that were big enough to pick. I ended up with a mix of collard greens, kale, and a whole radish – tops and bottom. I coupled that with homegrown pineapple, frozen from last season – deeelicious.

I was killing time fishing at Palm Coast while Nancy played bridge. The wind was howling from the northeast so the surf was a mess. Always prepared, I broke out my inshore fishing gear and headed to the seawall on the intracoastal in Washington Oaks State Park. The wind was still howling and there were whitecaps. Not expecting much, I none the less decided to give it a try – just to kill time. About 10 casts into it, I got a monster hit – a splash equivalent to throwing a concrete block into the water. It tore off and I got one look at a monster redfish before he rolled on the line and cut it. Unfortunately knowing that the fishing was going to be poor and short lived, I didn’t bring my tackle box from the parking lot to the seawall – a couple hundred yards away. I decided it was worth the walk. I had one more lure similar to the lost one and tied it on. Back to the seawall, another dozen casts, another monster strike and alas, another broken line. It’s not like this is a known hot spot. I’ve fished it and fished it and fished it with little or no luck. The only reason I go there is that it’s convenient and pleasant – a good place to kill an hour or so. Now I’ll be approaching it with more consideration to the potential. Actually I’m not sure what I would do if I wore one of these giants to submission since the seawall is about 6’ above the water so not sure how I would get the fish from the water to the seawall. I’ll worry about that when it poses a real problem.

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