Speck’s startin’

This is about when the speckled perch start schooling up. I consider Thanksgiving the official start but like to get the kinks out of the gear on Halloween. The clock actually works for me now by getting dark early. I can go fishing late in the afternoon, fish until dark, and still be home before the designated dinner hour. It also works for me in the morning because I’m an early riser and can be out on the lake before Nancy even wakes up. I went out last night for the first time this season and caught 4 spec’s and a bluegill in about an hour. That’s not spectacular but ok. The fish were all small so I didn’t have to break out the fish cleaning gear. Next day George and I went out and ended up with 2 meal sized bags of fish fillets. Since it only gets better as the season progresses, this could be a really good season.

I got the parts needed to elevate the antenna and so far, so good. It’s wobbly and certainly wouldn’t hold up to any heavy weather but the reception is as good as we ever got. I’ll give it a couple of weeks to see how it performs in rain but if it stays good, I’ll get a more solid, permanent solution. Update – reception back to “spotty” . Not exactly sure where to go from here. It’s just so tough dealing with a 30’ pole and antenna in terms of checking connections etc but I’m thinking it’s more atmospherics and noise interference than local equipment. The other thing that really confuses the issue is that I can manually switch from the old antenna to the new one – sometimes the new one performs better but just as often, the old one performs better. Occasionally they’re both great; occasionally they’re both bummers.

Nancy and her quilting buddy headed up to Savannah for a quilt shop crawl which will include places like Hilton Head SC, St. Simon’s Island GA. It was an overnighter. I think she needs a break from me!
Joey and Mark came up yesterday and spent all day doing chores; Joey helping Nancy doing cleanups and mowing; Mark help me install a new sprinkler controller, clean up the antenna wiring, and replace the ultra high light bulbs in the screened porch. Just so you don’t think I can’t even change a light bulb myself, these bulbs are at a height of 16’. We borrowed a 12’ step ladder from a neighbor and installed 1100 lumen, bright white LED’s. Wow, what a difference. All in all, they put in a mostly full day of helping.

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