Garden Shaping Up

Another winter coming, that makes two in a row. We’re actually supposed to see an overnight low in the 40’s. What’s that all about? Should be back in the mid 80’s by mid week. The garden seems to be enjoying the change and all of the seedlings I’ve transplanted in the last couple of days are looking perky. I thinned a row of lettuce and replanted the ones I thinned so now I have more lettuce than we can possibly eat. Ditto beets although I have a feeling we’ll go through more beets this year than in the past. I learned at the very end of beet season last year that tossing in a whole beet – greens and root – into the Ninja blender made for a great smoothie. Planted additional carrot, radish, and spinach seeds. Between beet greens, spinach, and swiss chard we’ll have an abundance of dark green leafy veggies. What I’m hoping for is a good availability by Thanksgiving so we can bring that to the dinner at Tommy’s this year.

Here’s another observation relating to the cooler weather – the cardinals are no longer attacking the side mirrors on any vehicle that parks here. I don’t know whether they are just less active or have headed south for the winter but I’m fine with it. At the same time, there are loads of large woodpeckers flying around now. It’s not at all unusual to see a woodpecker now and again but there has been a sudden jump in the population. Thank God the woodpeckers don’t attack the mirrors – they could do real damage.
The Bridge Tourney went off as planned but it’s getting tougher for Nancy to deal with the faster pace there as compared to her normal club games. It’s also two days from 9AM till 6PM as compared to 1PM till 5PM on a normal, non tournament day. Right now she’s saying “no more tournaments” but I’ve heard that before. I did more surf fishing and although the surf was rough and roiled, managed to catch a few fish. Then we tried out a new brew pub for happy hour. On Saturday afternoon I opted for the friendly confines of Houligan’s to watch the gators get spanked by Georgia. It was a good place to watch the game since the majority of the customers were Gator fans and groaned at the right times.

I’m still trying to improve on the TV reception issue. It’s been worse since Irma and I’ve done as much as I can with what I have on hand so my next plan is to see how much I can gain by adding height. I think I can go up another 15’ with only a PVC pipe coupler and a 25’ coax cable. The coupler will allow me to add an extension piece to the existing pole and eliminate part of the current hay rig, specifically the sand spikes. The antenna I’m using is the one Tom brought up which has a 50 mile range. If adding another 10’ or so of altitude doesn’t improve things, the next step is to go to a higher gain antenna. I spotted one in Home Depot that claims a 60 mile range and seems easy to install.

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