Another Bridge Event

The problem I have with Global Warming is that it’s not dependable. We woke up this morning to wintry temps and it’s only October. It was in the 50’s and supposed to be in the 40’s by the end of the week. I had to break out the winter duds and hunt up a quilt for tonight. Maybe some good will come from it if it nails the critters feeding on the garden.

Nancy has another big, two day bridge tournament in Palm Coast this weekend. We’ll go over Friday morning, get a hotel and come home Saturday late afternoon. Not sure what to expect fishing wise. The surf has been way too roiled to fish and there’s a strong cold front moving in with morning temps in the 50’s so I may be forced into a Saturday pub crawl. Saturday is especially critical since it’s the Georgia – Florida football game and I’ll be hanging out waiting for the tournament to end. Do I see a Houligan’s or Buffalo Wild Wings (aka sport’s bar) afternoon?

The jury is still out on the garden this season. It’s stayed hot, humid and buggy way too long and the continuing rains kept the ground too wet. It’s showing in new plant start fatalities. Some broccoli plants and some cauliflower plants seem to be taking but every cabbage and swiss chard plant I put out is eaten within a couple of days. Ditto lettuce. Ditto cuc’s. I waited until the 15th to put in spinach and beet seeds. Nothing happening with the spinach yet (too soon) but the beets popped right out and will need thinning in a couple of days. The great thing about beets is that they are a 100% crop – we eat both the root/tuber and the green tops. This cold snap can only help. The green pepper plants are looking good and loaded with peppers but the zucchini plants are suffering and I’ll probably just yank them out this week and start something new in the space they’re occupying.

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