Shrimp Festival

Had a great trip to Gulf Shores AL for the Shrimp Festival. On the way down the only excitement was when a trailer I was following on the interstate blew out a tire. Pieces of it were flying thru the air and it was impossible to dodge them at 75mph. Luckily we did miss the big pieces but it definitely got your heart started. The other good thing about the trip was finding a new (to us) place to eat in Marianna, FL. We stopped for gas around noon and decided to find some place to eat close to the interstate and spotted a place called Po Folks. It was right across the street from a Ruby Tuesdays so we decided on the unknown. There were plenty of cars in the parking lot so how bad could it be. Wow! great southern cooking. We made sure to time our return to hit there for lunch.

We hooked up with Simon and Amy who had rented condo less than a block off the beach for two days. The place was within walking distance to the big events and there was a shuttle bus system that ran continuously from 10AM until 10PM. If you like seafood, this was the place to be. Visualize a typical arts and crafts event with lots of food and drink trucks, each specializing in some treat. Plenty of live music and brews to keep things hoppin’. We arrived on Thursday afternoon, almost simultaneously with Simon and Amy’s arrival, and within an hour had purchased our shuttle passes and started the festivities. We caught the last shuttle back on Thursday. We were back in business Friday morning on into the afternoon. The plan was to meet Amy’s mother and grandmother in Mobile proper for drinks and snacks. We found the place which was the top of a high rise building in downtown Mobile. Very fancy! It was glass all around so anywhere you sat you had a complete view of Mobile and the surrounding area. Fancy drinks, fancy food, a piano bar – totally first class and a complete opposite venue than the shrimp festival. I know I was the only guy in the place wearing cargo shorts and a Guy Harvey shirt. Oh well! We really enjoyed meeting Amy’s family – lots of laughing and story telling. I don’t know why but I thought they were tea totalers. They had arrived before us an I saw immediately that her grandmother, Shirley, was drinking a margarita. I wasn’t sure what her mother, Dawn, was drinking but it was in a standard bar old fashion glass and sure enough she ordered another Black Jack on the rocks. I knew right away we were going to hit it off. We didn’t have a full meal but rather ordered excellent appetizers, shared deserts and enjoyed the company and the ambiance. We were back at the beach by 9PM where Nancy and I crashed while Simon and Amy headed back to the festival to catch a band they were fond of.

Nancy had a bad night – serious gastric distress about 3AM until we left at 9AM but is fully recovered. I suspect it was food based – maybe either a particular item or the wide combination we consumed. Other than that, nice ride home. No tire explosions.

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