Shrimp Festival Trip Planned

One of the things we did to prepare for Irma was lower the TV antenna. It’s on a telescoping pole and we dropped it about 20’. I say “we” but I mean my young neighbor, Andrew. We still had reception but it would frequently break up on certain channels and when atmospheric conditions dictated. It’s a big deal to do since it involves getting up on the roof so I wanted to leave it down for the duration of the hurricane season. I could live with the less than optimal TV. Nancy was not so understanding. This weekend Tom came up and I asked him to bring his high ladder so we could work on the antenna. He did, we did, and we now have reception that is equal to or better than pre Irma. Hopefully I improved on that by exchanging the cable splitter that takes the antenna cable and splits it in two, one for each TV for one that is powered. That should strengthen the signal. The surprise is how much difference a few feet of altitude makes.

Another Mr. Fixit job that I got done this weekend was to reinstall the rear view mirror on the truck. The rear view mirror on that vehicle (and I suspect many more) is attached by gluing a bracket to the windshield and then hooking the mirror to the bracket. Sounds simple enough but due to the cramped working space, it’s a real challenge to get it all aligned properly and held in place while the glue dries. The way I’ve done it before is to put the mirror in the bracket first and then glue the assembly to the windshield but it’s just too difficult for me to hold it still long enough for the glue to dry. You can get the special glue at Auto Zone but I found a Gorilla Gel that has done the job before and is more generally useful than the Auto Zone product. I gave up on trying to deal with the mirror and bracket as an assembly and just glued the bracket to the windshield. It worked, or at least it’s working so far.

Went to Flagler Beach, the first trip since hurricane Maria passed a few hundred miles offshore. I’ve been seeing that there was more erosion and extreme tidal activity but I wanted to see for myself since I have a good perception of what “normal” looks like. Well it had definitely changed dramatically from only two weeks back. The beach has restored itself to a large degree with soft, shell sand and started creating a second berm about a 100’ from the original. Previously the sand texture was finer grains, densely packed. I saw it at mid tide so it will be interesting to see what it looks like at low.

We’re heading to Mobile AL later this week to hook up with Simon, Amy , her mother and grandparents at the Shrimp Festival. It’s about an 8 hour drive and we may also see our nephew Glenn who lives in the Pensacola area. As soon as Nancy heard there were booths set up selling shrimp po boys, she was in and locked. I’m hoping they have draft ShockTop to go along with it.

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