Still Cleaning up

Sorry for the hit and miss postings but there’s hardly a spare minute!

I’ve been spending a couple of hours in the morning cleaning up after the storm and I’m ready to call it done. There are still huge piles of dead brush lining the road but that’s up to the county to deal with.

Nancy had a big week – Bridge in Palm Coast; Bridge in Crescent City; quilting with Esther at the house; eye shots and an infusion, both on one day; day trip to Brevard County with Esther to buy quilting material etc. All this is good but for every good deed………… This week she does the endoscopy and colonoscopy to find out why her blood levels are still not right after all the infusions and iron pills. The good news about this is that she’s taking one for the team by trying out a new “prep” regimen. The doc introduced her to a new (to us) prep that eliminates the nasty tasting gallon of mix. This prep requires 5 oz of water mixed with a powder that resembles Alka Seltzer followed by drinking 5 x 8oz glasses of any clear liquid (non alcoholic) over a 6 hour period. Then 7 hours later she takes another shot of the powder mixed with 5 oz, chased with 3×8 glasses of clear liquid. That’s about half the liquid and it’s the liquid of your choice – so long as it’s clear. Things like broth, seven up, sprite, water – all those count. The 10 oz with the powder are not bad at all – taste wise. All of us are hoping this stuff works as advertised for the next time we have to do it. Results – Nancy preferred the gallon of mixed fluid to the new approach which she claims is more “violent”. As a witness, I think the new stuff went down easier. One interesting thing was that when you mixed the powder with water, a packet of powder in 5 oz of water, the mixture generated quite a bit of heat. I mixed it and had to actually set the cup down because of it. A very exothermic reaction. The tests themselves showed nothing so the next step is swallowing the “camera”. Not sure about the mechanics of that but supposedly you just swallow a capsule and let it work itself thru your system while it transmits data. I have a lot of technical questions about that.

Of course the next day was a bridge tourney and the day after, a crochet club meeting followed by another infusion. So she’s maintaining a fairly active social life. And I’m driving miss Nancy – the seeing eye driver.

The garden is struggling to recover from the storm and we’re still getting some real drenching storms. I’m holding off projections. One of the cucumber bushes has a couple of micro fruit starting and the green peppers are putting on new foliage and a couple of blossoms. The field where the garden resides is a quagmire. The garden area is raised about a foot and seems to support seedlings just fine. The question is what happens when the main roots grow down into the saturated soil. We just haven’t had any really dry weather since the storm.

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