More Beach Talk

The scariest sight – Nancy sitting at the computer, nose up against the screen which is open to and the words “add to cart” flashing. The next scariest is to see the UPS truck pulling up and wondering exactly what she ordered. So far, so good.

We’re just about cleaned up from the storm but I’m leaving some things tied up and stored away until the hurricane season is really over. I’m replanting the garden but not sure how successful this will be. The timing is such that I’m late for some veggies and early for others so the work I’m doing now could come to naught. That plus the soil is “soggy” so as soon as the roots get any size, they’ll be down in muck. Not holding much promise for this season.

One thing that has happened as a result of the storm is that the fire ants have come back with a vengeance. It’s making nearly impossible to work in the garden. They are so tiny that you don’t know you’re in them until there are hundreds of them on you and they set off the “bite hard” command. Some of the bites turn into boil like protrusions that I have to break with a needle and then apply Neosporin.

Went to the beach yesterday, the Palm Coast Monday bridge event. I wanted to see the impact of the new large storm a few hundred miles off the coast. It was high tide – really high tide- and I was not able to walk on the beach at all so couldn’t get much of an assessment of new erosion but it actually appeared that maybe sand was being redeposited rather than eroded. I drove down to the place we used to stay and spotted the owner. He said it was a mixed bag – some of the restoration attempts worked, others failed. He had put up a “fence” – the same kind of fence you see in Wyoming to hold back snow drifts. The fence was fairly well beaten up but the dunes they were protecting looked good to me. He had also planted a few yards of sea oats but they didn’t survive. All in all, so far, so good. I’ll get a better handle on it next Monday when the tide will be low at noon. Of course it was too rough to fish! Big boomers.

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