Waiting for Irma

Getting ready for Irma. I’t Thursday, 9/7, and the local meteorologists are painting gloom and doom for almost all of Florida. What bothers me most is the saturation coverage which creates high anxiety in everyone when the storm is thousands of miles away. When I was a kid, hurricanes just were’t that big a deal and you’d never hear about all these storms that never amount to anything. They’d start talking about them a few days before the event instead of weeks before. The reports would give you a set of coordinates where the center was and you’d plot them yourself on maps you got at grocery stores or in the papers. Right now they’re talking about it clobbering south Florida and then coming right up the middle of the state to our house. I did get a personal sign that it probably won’t hit us – I pulled out the generator and it started on the first pull. I was so elated that I changed the oil as a personal reward to the generator. My next job is to tie up or move all the dock furniture. I’ll probably wait a few days on that since it will only take an hour or so. We have plenty of batteries and a couple gallons of water in the freezer to keep it cold for a few hours if we lose power overnight – before I crank up the generator. If it gets within 24 hours of us and still on track, I bring the chain saw to the house just in case we have to cut our way out. We’re not worried about flooding since this seems to be a fast moving storm and we could literally deal with a couple feet of rain before it caused problems. We can also do a last minute change of venue among Tom, my sister, and us if one area looks to be in for a worse time. Joey will be out of the country on a preplanned trip.
We continue to get an inch or so of rain daily so the lake keeps rising – an inch or so daily. I’ve certainly seen it higher but it is higher than it has been in several years so if we get anything from one of these hurricane critters…………….
I went through all the fishing tackle I picked up at the neighbors moving sale and did a thorough cleaning, lubricating, and test casting. Two of the three bait casters cast smoothly; the third one casts fine but the retrieve could be smoother. I suspect there are a couple of grains of sand still in the gears but even so, the reel is perfectly serviceable. The final test has to be can they catch fish and I’ve set my sights on getting that question answered this week. Harvey, the previous owner, was a spinning reel guy and never really used the bait casters so I may have a training program for this gear; make sure it all understands what I expect. The rods are really like new; graphite, light weight, name brand rods. I would typically expect to see them in Bass Pro Shops at $35 each so even if the reels were total trash, which they’re not, I got a good deal. Ditto the line – he had strung the reels with Power Pro braid on one reel, a good grade monofilament on another, and something weird on the third. It was a bright yellow, heavy grade monofilament. When I say heavy grade, this had to be 1000 pound test. Needless to say it was way to stiff for casting so he must have used it to haul boats or something. I stripped that and replaced it with 30# Power Pro that I had on hand.

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