New Fishing Tackle Score

The fall garden is officially off the ground – meaning the seedlings I planted in July are in the main garden. I planted six tomato plants (out of 10), four green pepper plants (out of 10), three zucchini mounds, 2 seeds per mound, and four cucumber mounds, 2 varieties, 2 seeds per mound. The tomatoes are a paste variety and a traditional “round” variety; the peppers are a “bell” variety. The only question mark is one variety of cucumber – everything else has a good history in this garden. I had planned to hold off until Labor Day but it looks like we’re going to experience a few days of overcast, “cooler” , wetter weather so I jumped the gun but held back most of the seedlings until I’m certain the weather will be favorable. I also cut palmetto fronds to act as sun screens until the new plants are established. The young plants just can’t handle the intense afternoon sun. It looks like my compost pile is going to be depleted with the last seedling planting next week which is just perfect. That means all of the seeds and all the plants are planted in 100% compost, about a foot deep. Simon told me that a common “amateur” mistake is to put a $5 plant in a $0.5 hole. He’s got a piece of paper that says he’s a master gardener (from Alabama) so it must be right. I normally plant some with full compost and some not. This will be the first 100% treatment. The next pile of compost, now cooking, will be for the winter greens.

Picked the last of this season’s pineapples. Didn’t keep an accurate count but think we ended up with 8 or so. I think there’s 25 -30 plants, some with several side shoots so if they can survive the winter, we should have a substantial crop next summer. I have enough frozen chunks to make pineapple flavored smoothies all winter. Now all I need is for the greens to start coming in. Haven’t planted any yet – just too hot – but I’ll try getting some collard seedlings going this week. They handle hot weather better than any other green I grow.

One of my neighbors, Harvey, is moving and had a yard sale. I was surprised to see a mother lode of fishing tackle including fairly nice rods and reels. I’m now the proud owner of 5 new rigs, 3 bait caster reels and rods and 2 spinning outfits, rods and reels. I got it all for $60 which is what I would have expected to pay for one of the reels. I’ve been ok in the reel department but my rods are getting a little long in the tooth so my future was going to include some new rods before long. Also, Simon’s trailer was broken into a few weeks back and all of his fishing gear was stolen so I sent him a care package with half a dozen reels I’d picked up over the years and kept as backups. So my backup stores was fully depleted.

I went out to mow and cranked up the craftsman on the first pull as usual only to find that the self propelled feature was gone – the drive wheels were locked up. I turned it over and found the axel was tightly wound with vines from previous mowings and figured it would be ok after cleaning them out. Wrong. It must have broken a belt or stripped a gear so it’s in the shop. It was really hot so I’m not terribly distressed about this turn of events and hopes they don’t fix it too quickly. The weeds are the right color so …………..

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