Biscuits on the Grill

Little Tom visited this past week – working in Orlando – and we got together a couple of times. On Saturday Tom, Tina, and Olivia too Nancy to a movie in Daytona while Little Tom and I put another leg on the brewery pub tour. This time we started at Hidden Treasure in Port Orange and finished at the Deck Down Under in Daytona Beach Shores where we hooked up with the movie crowd for dinner. Since we’re at opposite sides of the political spectrum, it’s really fun to combine a pint of Ponce Inlet Blonde with some verbal sparing. He’s young so I forgive his misguided views.
Finished off two more Blue Apron meals; a shrimp/ fusilli dish and a steak and potato combination. Both were excellent and we pulled them off without a hitch.

My neighbor George is back in the hospital with several issues. He contracted pneumonia, has gall stones, and some, as yet unidentified, blood infection. He thinks the pneumonia came from mowing his yard during a serious rain storm on Saturday. It was the next evening that he started running a fairly high fever and it went downhill from there, ending with a trip to the emergency Sunday night. Apparently the ER doc was prodding around and found the gall bladder problem – probably that will be coming out but no decision as of Monday PM. The blood infection won’t be pinpointed until a culture that takes 48-72 hours is completed. All this is a precursor to a heart valve replacement procedure that was scheduled for next month. Update – he’s home, earlier than expected. Pneumonia cured, no blood issues found, and no immediate action on the stones.

Thursday will be the last tomato sauce production for this season. My guess is we’ll get 10-12 quarts and an eggplant parmigian meal. I don’t know what the final count will be in the freezer but wouldn’t be surprised if it approached 10 gallons. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it but we have lots of company and they often request the full Italian treatment and there will be no more additions until perhaps December or, weather factors considered, or June 2018.

Pulled off a culinary high on the Holland, combining grilled pork chops with a Blue Apron sweet potato recipe and a new recipe for buttermilk biscuits. Timing was such that I put on the wedge cut potatoes and pork chops for 12 minutes, then turned the chops and put in the biscuits for a final 12 minutes. Came out perfect. I had never done biscuits before on the grill but the recipe called for a 400 degree oven and that’s Holland territory. Nancy got the biscuit recipe from an old southern gal she plays bridge with.

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