Blue Apron Returns

Good news, bad news. Got the truck back and it runs just fine. I guess they do need a tune up now and then. This one was complete – plugs, distributor cap, plug wiring – in essence the whole electrical system. The brakes are now good – they had been pulling severely to the right which I attributed to the very wet weather we’ve had but turned out to be a mechanical break down. New fuel and air filters and an oil change. Does that sound like $550?

Nancy’s visit to the eye doc this week brought some not so good news. She is now “legally blind”. Although, to be honest, I haven’t noticed any changes in the past few months and Nancy says the same. But the technical aspects say differently. The doc gave us contact info for the Volusia County Center for the Visually Impaired and suggested we get the process started. We drove over yesterday (Daytona) and met with a counselor to kick things off. That basically triggers them to get on it and assign a case worker. They have to contact the doc and get all the paperwork squared away which will probably take 3-4 weeks. At that point we get scheduled to attend any appropriate classes – which could even be here at our house. We learned a few interesting things just from the brief session and no doubt will pick up quite a bit after she’s actually approved. For example – she should get one of the “feared and dreaded” white canes. That’s not for finding things but to alert people around her that her vision is impaired. The rule is that she always has the right of way if she has the cane. They checked her for level of magnification required to read and indicated the program has sight aids that will be beneficial to her including training on use of an I-phone or I-pad, which, according to them, are very user friendly for the visually impaired. All in all Nancy was ok with the whole process and the people she met.

The end of the tomato season is in sight. We’ve had so much rain in the past few weeks that the plants are literally rotting. We certainly got a load of sauce out of this season and can probably squeeze out two more large pots – not counting today’s batch. Also cleaning up on green beans. The plants look good but not producing new blossoms. I did plant some quite a bit later and those are just starting so we should still be picking beans for a while if the plants can survive the heat and humidity. And no more greens. The last to give it up was the collards. I’ll miss having the greens for smoothies but maybe the New Zealand spinach will come back.

I thought the Chako’s were gifted to cover both my birthday and father’s day so I was really surprised to get a 3 meal package from Blue Apron courtesy of Tom and Tina. Of course that’s kind of a mother’s day/father’s day gift. We ate the first one today, cajun chicken with cole slaw and potato salad. We know the drill by now so it went together perfectly with only a hint of panic. The food was excellent.

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