Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I had a large, nearly dead oak tree adjacent to my utility shed which has bothered me for a couple of years now. I have been concerned that the large limbs would break off and crash onto the shed or the nearby well pump. During a large storm last year a smaller branch did poke thru the roof and required patching. Mark took down one threatening limb but it crashed down during the process and dinged the shed so I was concerned that it was a job for professionals with the right equipment. I talked to two different tree guys after hurricane Mathew last year and both told me they had a large backlog but would be back in a few weeks to take it down. I never heard from either again. I think it was just too small a job for them to bother with. George came over yesterday to take down a dead pine I have – one that had been hit by lightning last summer. It’s not in a spot that will cause any problems if it falls and when we looked at it seriously, decided it was really a big job and to let nature work on it for a while. I suggested that I had this oak up by the shed that I really would like gone. The trick to bringing down the oak was to be absolutely certain that it fell in the right direction – anything less than just right could be an expensive felling. George has a 100’ length of extra stout rope which we wanted to tie around the tree to apply tension in the right direction. We got a ladder and managed to throw the rope around a limb about 20’ up from the ground. We brought the truck into the action to apply the tension and started the cut. Down it came – exactly where planned. We then cut it into firewood. The whole job took a couple of hours and we were both worn to a frazzle.

About a year ago a new restaurant opened in beautiful downtown Deland, next door to our favorite Greek place. They had a nice writeup in the local paper which revealed that the house speciality were grilled cheese sandwiches. Not just grill cheese sandwiches but $15 grilled cheese sandwiches. We passed. A couple of days ago Tom called and suggested we hook up for dinner in Deland. They were planning to spend the day in Daytona and Deland is more or less on their way home so we frequently hook up in Deland for dinner and/or a brewski. He suggested Yolo, the cheese sandwich place. Nancy agreed and I figured we’d probably meet there and then realize there were much better places nearby. The place always looked dead to me and I assumed that the very expensive grilled cheese concept was a non starter in a country town. Turns out that inside it has a really eclectic decor and a large selection of craft beers on tap – which are very reasonably priced during happy hour. I was hooked at that point. The menu had nothing but exotic grilled cheese sandwiches and interesting sides. Wow, were the sandwiches good. I had a spicy chicken and cheese sandwich, Nancy had a more standard grilled cheese but with several different cheeses. Olivia had a Mac and Cheese sandwich and Tina had a jam and cheese. Tom, the same spicy chicken as me. They are served with a tomato bisque for dipping and an unusual selection of sides. I had pretzels. No doubts at all – this was the best grilled cheese sandwich I ever had – also the most expensive – but I guarantee, we’ll be back. I had really never seen any customers there but it turns out the place is jammed late, open until 2AM.

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