Talenti to the rescue

We’ve got a little ritual going on weekly now – make a large pot of sauce and a couple loaves of zucchini bread. These are certainly unique in that the sauce incorporates a mix of cherry tomato varieties and a mix of plum tomato varieties; the bread uses a mix of two zucchini types – I’m growing 4 types but the recipe only requires 2 small zucchini’s so the blend du jour is based on what I happen to pick. It won’t be long before our problem turns to inadequate freezer space. The need for packaging the sauce in a storable fashion dictates how much ice cream and exactly what brand we use. Turns out that Talenti packages their ice cream in one pint, clear plastic cylindrical containers with a screw on lid. One pint of sauce goes perfectly with 1/2 lb of pasta or one 12-14” pizza. They stack nicely in the freezer and are infinitely re-useable. To top it off, about once a month, PUBLIX offers them BOGO. Nancy scoops up so much on those occasions that I’m embarrassed to stick with her in the store or when checking out. In addition to the tomato sauce, she freezes soups, stews, and the like for Joey – one Talenti cup equals one meal. The current cup count in the freezer is 16 and we really haven’t entered the full on tomato harvesting. Sounds like a lot but remember, we use it for trading purposes!!

We decided to make a pizza, a one Talenti cup of sauce. The crust we had was a bit smaller than we usually do, 12” vs 14”, so I knew there would be excess sauce – a few spoonfuls – and decided to try something new (to us). Chris had told us about using a spiralizer to prepare zucchini – turning it into a mound of spaghetti like “noodles”. Having an extra zucchini and a few extra drabs of sauce it seemed like a great opportunity to try it. I had expected the spirals to be wide and spring/ribbon like but instead they put out spirals that emulated spaghetti. I was planning on cooking the noodles a few minutes before saucing them or just dropping them raw into the simmering pizza sauce and then fishing them out for a side dish but when I saw how thin and delicate they were, I decided to just pour a little sauce over the raw squash. Delicious. And so was the pizza, amped up with a little Tuscan Kale and a handful of cherry tomatoes cut in half.

The kale is winding down quickly now due to the persistent heat and will basically be done by the first of the month. I started with 4 different varieties but that has winnowed down to 2 due to the heat. The red and white Russian Kale crashed first, then the curly and only the Tuscan is hanging on. The collard greens still look great and the New Zealand spinach is producing so I’m adequately supplied with greens for smoothies.
I mentioned using aloe in smoothies and how nutritious it is. To follow up on that, I’ve started an aloe garden in two locations including a spot in the main garden. So between that and the pineapple plants, the garden is taking on a distinctly different look.

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