Finally some rain. We got a 2+” soaker last evening with more projected every day this week so it looks like we’re finally entering the rainy season.

I have an interesting tomato issue. When I was ordering seeds I spotted a potentially great new paste tomato with excellent disease and nematode resistance. The tomatoes were 4-5 oz plum shaped fruit. The seeds were quite expensive but we use loads of paste tomatoes so I decided to pull the trigger based mostly on past positive experience with expensive seeds – expensive in this case means $0.75 per seed compared to $0.03 for common varieties. The seeds germinated just fine and the seedlings were nice and strong – no transplant losses at all. They grew well and starting blossoming earlier than I had expected. The bushes are almost 6’ tall, the stalks and foliage beautiful but I noticed that as the blossoms turned into little green tomatoes, they were not plum shaped as I had expected but rather seemed more like cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes grew larger but then started turning red when only 1-2” in diameter. Beautiful and plentiful – more than you can imagine- but small. I picked a pint or so and Nancy made a pot of sauce which was very tasty and thick – as compared to a thinner sauce when using cherry tomatoes. I called the seed company to talk to a horticulturist and find out what was going on. I’m certainly happy with the product but it’s not what I expected and I want to find out if the problem is with me or whether other growers were experiencing the same thing. I wonder if it’s possibly a pollination problem since I do have cherry tomatoes growing around the garden. The fact that it’s a 100% situation makes me doubt any kind of cross pollination is in play. Another possibility that I hate to admit is that I actually picked up the wrong seed pack when I planted them. I thought I took great care not to mix up the varieties so I would know which did the best here.
In any event, they, along with the fresh basel and oregano, make great tomato sauce.

The portable lamp did the job for Nancy at the Palm Coast Bridge Club. She had a 15 minute break and used that time to charge the battery. She’ll take it to Crescent City tomorrow but that shouldn’t be a problem at all since they take a 45 minute lunch break – more than adequate to fully recharge.

Nancy’s friend Esther comes over once a week for a quilting session. This time she brought a couple of dish towels to drape over her side mirrors to thwart the feared and dreaded Cardinal attack. Not enough. They figured out how to pull the towels off and then go about the business of dive bombing the mirrors. So far the covers Nancy made for our cars are working just fine so I’m thinking she needs to create a “guest” set.

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