Long on Pineapples, short on rain

We have a long position in pineapple. Aside from the 6 I have growing in the garden, Nancy found a real bargain at a market in Ocala at $1 apiece. She bought 6 which should give me enough for my smoothies until next year at least. The big question in my mind is what to do with the tops of the new ones she bought. Considering that it takes about a year to produce progeny, do I really want to take up that much space in the garden? It just seems like every once in a while we can buy them for a $1 so why take up the garden space.

Still no rain and the lake continues dropping. I’ve certainly seen it lower but it’s now the lowest in a couple of years and starting to expose bottom sections that have been submerged for over 5 years. It’s nearly impossible to use the jon boat from the dock although the poke boat is just fine with it. It’s also too low for decent swimming but we’re hopeful that will change by mid summer.

We’ve really been getting more garden to table action this year than ever. I think part of that is because Nancy doesn’t drive so she’s spending more time in the kitchen and we’re trying new veggie recipes. We’ve had a better/wider variety this year and I’ve been picking earlier. Today I picked the very last broccoli, the very last cauliflower and the last of the beets. The only winter veggies left are the kale plants. Just starting on the summer stuff with the green beans and zucchini.

One thing that seems different this season – good different – is that everything I plant is growing. I normally lose a percentage of the seedlings to critters, plant diseases, drying out, damping off, cut worms, and the feared and dreaded nematodes, etc etc etc and compensate for that by over planting. I’m sure we’ll still experience some losses but this is the best start ever. I will admit that I’m spending more time working it – weeding, watering and trimming anything that looks unhealthy but it’s light work and it’s been cool enough to make it doable. The only thing left is planting pepper and eggplant seedlings in the next few weeks and planting watermelon seeds. I’d normally have those seeds in now but there’s no spare room. I’m anticipating the kale to start crashing next week and I’ll replace those with watermelons.

Where I usually suffer high losses is with tomato plants but this year they are all growing vigorously. I’ve planted 5 varieties, 18 plants total (not counting the renegade cherry tomatoes), 2 of which I have prior experience and reasonable success. The other 3 were selected based on the catalog hype. I would have been happy to end up with 10 good ones and by now the weak ones have usually fallen away so I may be looking at a record harvest. I’ve talked it up so much that Nancy is going to Fresh Market to jump on a sale for ground beef that will complement the tomatoes in making pasta sauce. Pretty embarrassing for me if they suddenly crashed.

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