Shoe Glue

Finally got to fish the current bluefish run. The surf has been a total disaster for the past few weeks with high winds and strong currents. It was still not “good” but caught 3 small ones and lost about that many.

We tried roasting beets. Lindsay had recommended them and we have a very long position in beets; good but I prefer pickled beets to any other use so far. I’ve never eaten so many beets in my entire life and would guess my blood iron is over the top. We took a large bowl of them, 5 pounds, to Joey’s as our contribution to the Easter feast and they seemed to be a hit – none left. Nancy’s iron rose a few points at her test last week which they attributed to the iron infusions. I guess that could have helped but I have more faith in the beet load we’ve been pumping.

Lot’s of blossoms on the bush beans and a few micro beans popping out. Ditto zucchini. I’m guessing that means some edible size beans by the end of the month and perhaps a zucchini. In both cases I’m determined to start harvesting sooner this year. I always wait just one more day so they’re larger but in doing that, I’m overloaded with full size and toughening veggies. We’re also picking a few cherry tomatoes, the renegades, so I guess you can say we’re eating the last of the winter goodies and the first of the summer crop. I’ve ended up with about 20 legitimate – not renegade – tomato plants and a couple of those are already sporting small, green progeny. I judge the cucumbers are a couple of weeks from blossoms which will/should equate to fruit mid May. We’re experiencing an extended cool, dry period which is helping everything. I have to stay on top of things to keep it all sufficiently watered but no signs of humidity related problems.

One good thing came out of our visit to Joann Fabric the other day. I was standing around waiting for Nancy and happened to spot a table of glue products. One that caught my eye was something called “shoe glue”. Anybody that wears walking/running shoes knows that eventually the sole and/or heel separate from the upper part; no matter the brand, no matter the price. The shoe is perfectly good insofar as wear and support but it’s flapping in the breeze. I bought a package and gave it a try. After a few days, so far, so good.

The other thing we picked up at Joanne’s and the reason for the trip was to find a new Ott light for Nancy to use playing bridge. There was a large selection and we ended up with a table mount, flexible neck, LED model. There was one I liked better because it was battery powered and eliminated the need to be close to an outlet but it promised only 3 hours of life whereas the Crescent City game frequently goes over 4. I still think if managed properly, charging during breaks or turning off when not in use, it could make the full game but I lost the battle.

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