Back Again

Busy, fun week. Nancy’s cousin Fred and Martha visited this week and luckily we had great weather to get out and about. That week was followed by two full weeks of doctor’s and misc time consuming events. Then Nancy had a double whammy day with the eye shots and the infusion within a few hours of each other and 60 miles apart. Another example – Nancy’s old bridge friend was abruptly moved from her home in Crescent City to a retirement place in Palm Coast. That involved us for several trips. Yesterday was a doctor first thing followed by Joanne Fabric in Daytona, Rossi’s Diner for lunch -the high light of the day – Sam’s Club and Publics (that’s the grocery market which this word processor won’t let me spell correctly). Doesn’t that sound like the day from hell. Can you believe I haven’t been fishing in the lake for a couple of weeks – the Pokeboat is just sitting down there unused.

And I was getting just as far behind in the garden as with the blog so I stole a full day and caught up; picked lots of beets, lettuce, and the rest of the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kohlrabi. It’s now looking pretty good and all the new plantings are doing well. One big decision this season was not to plant corn. I’ve bent my pick on corn for the past several years, each time learning that corn is available very cheaply locally and that it’s better than the stuff I try to grow. The big consequence of that is that it frees up about 30% more space in the garden and is allowing me to plant a mammoth tomato crop and to space plants further apart – cut down on the overcrowding which probably hurts the yield. My thinking is that I should end up with better albeit fewer plants. I will probably just rest and solarize a few spots and kick off an earlier fall. I also just found a variety of watermelon that may be well suited for a small garden. Last year I had an unplanned/unplanted outbreak of rogue watermelon that basically took over the garden while producing only a few good melons – lot’s of not so good melons. This new variety is a prize winner and the vines are only 3-4’ making them manageable and I’m hoping it does as well as the rogue plants. Without the corn, I’ll have lots of space to experiment with new varieties like these melons. Also going for a new red okra.

Pulled/dug the potatoes, both the Flor-Ida’s and the little red ones. I was disappointed with the Flor’s but think maybe it was a technique issue rather than the plants themselves. I read that the right way to grow them is to make the initial planting in a trench and then as the foliage grows, push soil into the trench, up around the plants. I didn’t do that but as soon as I picked them I saw why – the new potatoes form above the starting spot instead of underneath it (as I expected). Consequently the new potatoes were not deeply in the soil and more on the surface. I’ll try again in Sept using the trench approach. The little red’s were great and I think produced maybe 10 pounds. I started them from seedling potatoes purchased at Walmart so I’ll for sure do those again.

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