Nancy has a tough week

Winter again. After a week or so of really great weather, we’re going to have another winter. Starting with a little rain, we’re predicted to have a 5 day stretch with highs only into the 60’s and low’s at the lower 40’s. Nothing mentioned about frost or freezes so no impact on the garden – only the gardener. And, the good news, this hit of global cooling has improved the spec fishing. For the first time this season the larger ones have started schooling and, coincidentally, the bass have started hitting in the grass. The spec’s are right on schedule; the bass maybe a little ahead.

Another large bunch of radishes, another large pot of radish soup. This time Nancy upped her game and added the carrots I picked at the same time. The garlic I planted is starting to pop as are the Floridaho potatoes. These are both 90-100 day crops which means a May harvest. The other recent addition to the garden is a small patch of Pak Choy or Bak Choi, maybe even Bok Choy – it appears in several different spellings in different catalogs. After having a nice stir fry with the last Blue Apron batch and finding it difficult to buy consistently at Publix and noticing that it is over priced when they do have it, I decided to buy some seeds and give it a try. It germinated incredibly fast, about 3 days, and nearly 100%. After a week or two I transplanted the seedlings to a prepared garden location and they’ve taken off nicely – 100% transplant success – 3 rows of 4 plants. Assuming they all mature, that’s a good return on the seed investment, especially considering the there’s probably another 100 or so seeds still in the packet. Just one plant (one stir fry) covers the cost of the entire seed packet. Fifty days until stir fry time.

In other garden news – picked 5 bags of goodies for the Crescent City bridge ladies including bags of swiss chard, spinach, collards, lettuce, and cabbage. The only thing I could have added was a bag of kale but I ran out of bags. Not sure how they’ll divvy up that loot but if you hear of riots in north Florida, chances are I’m at the root of it (not DT).

This was a bad week to be Nancy. On Tuesday she had a skin cancer procedure that ended with 12 stitches where her right eyebrow once existed. By the next morning her right eye was black and blue; the left eye on Thursday. On Friday she went to the retina doc to get her Avastin shot in the eye. The icing on the cake was a call from her Palm Coast bridge partner saying she couldn’t play this week due to illness. And then next week she has another cancer removed from her face.

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