Blue Apron – chapter 2

We got the second installment of the Blue Apron Christmas gift – 3 more gourmet meals; one fish, one chicken, and one pasta dish. We ate the fish already which included a side that included lentils and collard greens as the main ingredients. Neither of us had ever tried anything even vaguely similar. There was a strange spice neither of us had ever heard of – Ras el Hanout that had a nice hot bite to it. Once again when I looked at the ingredients my immediate thoughts were that I wasn’t going to like this and, if we did, there wasn’t enough food for both of us. Wrong and Wrong. What really made me happy was trying another recipe for collard greens. If we can locate that magic spice, the rest of the meal can be replicated easily. The nutrition sheet that comes with it said it was 650 calories and loaded with nutritional goodies.

The second meal was called Pillard chicken with fennel and potato. Pillard apparently means pounded or flattened since that’s what you do with the chicken breasts. After making 5 of these meals another common element is the use of lemon zest and juice liberally. That’s not something we normally do but it really livens otherwise plain dishes. The veggie dish mixed boiled potato and roasted fennel (along with some lemon juice), salt, pepper, and drizzled with olive oil. Doesn’t sound all that good but it really was.

Meal three was Bucatini Pasta Bolognese with brussel sprouts. All the previous comments regarding how good it was held true for this meal. Either it was easier to make or we’re getting used to the faster pace in cooking. Actually most of the cooking on this meal was on medium heat instead of high and we did 100% of the prep work before starting any cooking at all. I’m not much on brussel sprouts but they blended in just fine and I’m guessing they could be replaced with a cabbage – in which we have a large garden position. There was nothing exotic in this recipe so it will be easily replicated. We always have a few pounds of bucatini on hand as well as the rest of the ingredients.

Progress on the house project – done externally and about half done with the plumbing. All the air conditioning ducting installed and we’re about a quarter of the way thru with the electrical wiring (including 100% of the digital wiring). I’m guessing all the plumbing and electrical will be done by the end of this month. It could be livable by the end of March.

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