Running Out of Space

Had a funny one the other day. George has a local friend, an old country guy who’s lived in rural Florida all his life. He comes over fishing occasionally and always comments on the garden and, from time to time, takes some fresh produce. He has a garden that is much larger than mine but apparently not as productive. The other day he’s particularly effusive about how nice my garden is and how he just can’t get anything to grow. Then in the same breath he comments that I shouldn’t be using pine needles in the walking rows between the planting rows because it will make the soil too acid to grow garden veggies. I just looked at him and started laughing – does it look like it’s too acid to grow veggies???? He got the message and started laughing too. I’m guessing he’ll have pine needles in between his planting rows next season.

I did a post cold spell garden check and was pleased that all of the newly germinated and/or transplanted seedlings made it thru. My largest transplant block is a 3’x6’ beet patch which I’ve loaded up with really tiny new beets. Beet seed pods contain multiple seeds so when they germinate you often get several bunched tightly together and unless you thin them properly, they never really grow. The surest way is to take tiny scissors and cut away all but the strongest looking one. It really difficult to separate them and plant each sprout independently but I always try. I think I may have made a breakthrough with this particular garden patch which, it turns out, is much, much softer than most other areas. That makes it very easy to pull out the individual seedlings without damage or much root disruption and even easier to plant them again with the appropriate spacing to avoid crowding. There’s always very high fallout in this process but I have high hopes after working in this soil. The variety is also one I haven’t tried in the past so this is a double test.
With this last patch planted I am now officially 100% planted – no space for anything. In fact if I kept the plant spacing perfectly per packet instructions, I’m probably 110%. For example, yesterday I spotted a strip that was 5’ long x 6” wide and decided to try growing garlic. I did a couple times in Utah but never here so I stole a head from Nancy’s kitchen stash, broke it into about a dozen cloves and then loaded up the strip. Who knows??

Uh Oh – Nancy just opened a bag of potatoes and found several with “eyes”. That means more garden space issues since I just can’t pass up planting them. I have some flowers in one garden corner that are doing nothing but looking good. Would I rather have potatoes or flowers? easy choice.
Way to go Donald. I don’t like CNN either.

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