Another Blue Apron

Very tough day ahead. It’s Monday and Nancy plays bridge in Palm Coast. Normally that would be ok but today is also the Florida/Iowa game. So my plan is to take her to her game about 12:30 then hit the surf (fishing) for a couple of hours, weather and tide permitting, then hit the Flagler pier – Funky Pelican sports bar. I pick her up about 4:30 so the game should be over by then. If the surf fishing is not working, I’ve got tackle to try Bulow Creek so I feel like all the bases are covered.

And then there’s tomorrow. Nancy’s quilt buddy that loves beet greens is coming over to help Nancy cut out some material. I plan to pull the rest of the beets with her getting the greens and us keeping the roots. That triggers a series of events including loading that piece of garden with newly created compost. I’ll split the whole compost pile – about 20 cubic feet, between the previous beet area and the previous rutabaga area and then start a new compost pile – the July pile. Both of those empty garden areas will populated with lettuce seedlings – a red leaf variety that’s been incredibly successful and a traditional romaine variety. Then, guess what, it’s time to start summer crop planning. I had a really disappointing tomato crop last year and I’m laser focused on not letting that happen again. It hurt my heart when we had to literally buy about 10 pounds of fresh tomatoes a couple weeks ago to make a load of pasta sauce. We usually finish the summer with enough sauce frozen to last 6 months. This year we ran dry in October. Shame on me.

We made another Blue Apron dish and, like the first one, it didn’t disappoint. The main ingredients of this were steak, potato, and kale. Once again the cooked veggie was the big surprise to me. I’m fine with raw kale but cooked???? It was really good and I see/taste the difference between these dishes and what we’ve done in the past. First, they cook very hot and very fast where we’ve always been cooler and slower. Next, they use quite a bit less oil than we normally do – they use 2-3 teaspoons where we would have used way more. The high heat/low oil approach means things happen much faster and you really have to be right on top of every step. For example the kale is cooked and ready to plate in about 3 minutes total. The potato was cut in half and then into 1/4” wide chunks, coated with 2 teaspoons of oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and then cooked in a 450 degree oven for 16 minutes. If we had fried them in oil it would have been much different and if we had roasted them, the oven would have been cooler – like maybe 350 – and taken more like 45 minutes. They use more salt, pepper and other spices than we normally do. The next one up is a chicken dish with Pak Choy as the main veggie. I’ve never grown that mainly because I don’t know what to do with it. I haven’t looked ahead at the recipe to see if it follows the fast cook procedure and if the results are as good as these other veggie dishes.

Update – no fish in the surf but a big gator win that I watched in Hooligans, a local sports bar. And Nancy had a good day at bridge.

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