Winter’s not so bad – if you’re here

I can’t imagine any nicer weather for this time of year. Upper 70’s to low 80’s during the day; low to mid 60’s overnight. The garden is loving every minute of it. Even the fish have resumed biting albeit only the small ones.
We created a mixed green pizza last night. The greens included regular spinach, the dark green savoy type, New Zealand spinach, the gift that just keeps giving, and Swiss Chard. In about two weeks, the mix will be expanded to include kale. Since we will have 5 different varieties of Kale, the pizza opportunities are unlimited. My Ninja green smoothies likewise consume the whole gamut of greens.

Made a nice trade the other day. A friend of ours butchered a hog and converted it all into sausage so we did a turnip greens for sausage transaction. The beef for greens connection is broken since Nancy’s quilt buddy that raised cattle got out of the business. The shrimp connection likewise went away when her bridge buddy retired (from playing bridge).
I took Nancy to Palm Coast to play bridge this past week and spent my time checking out the beach recovery and fishing in a local brackish creek. The place we stay is finished. The berm extends from the lawn out about 6’ and then sloping down to the beach about 10’ below. The stairway is done so it’s totally useable. The fish shed is not going to be rebuilt which I’ll miss but understand why. I visited several of the neighbors and they have pretty much completed all the berm restoration.

I frequently mention my next door neighbor George and that he has chronic heart issues and a pace maker. He had one installed about 3 years ago but it’s running out of juice and has to be replaced. You would think it would be fairly routine but the procedure is actually projected to take 10 hours and the doc told them that he has only a 50/50 chance of waking up. His case is not average because about 50 years ago he had radiation treatments to cure cancer and that caused extensive tissue damage and scarring which makes removing and replacing the pacemaker leads much more hazardous. I work with him almost every day at his grandson’s house or around the property. Between us we always have a project going on. I noticed a few weeks ago that he was slowing down. The last time this happened they cranked up the voltage on the pacemaker but with the low battery, there’s no chance of repeating that. Fingers crossed.

I really had reservations about Trump but I couldn’t be more pleased with his cabinet selections. It seems that their policy positions totally overlap mine. Time will tell!

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