Building the Seawall

Finally got to try fishing in the surf. It’s been way too rough all week but seemed more reasonable today. Wrong – the seaweed was just too much to handle. And there were still some large planks bouncing around in the surf. So I substituted the fishing with Wacky Wings Wednesday at the Funky Pelican. Today is fish and chips night at the Golden Lion. I started helping the next door neighbor here at the beach with building an (illegal) seawall, quite a big job. I talked with a couple more home owners on the beach and the unanimous position they are all taking is to build “temporary” seawalls themselves and not pay $75K for the gov’t approved solution. The common enemy is the DEP (department of environmental protection) who are pro-turtle, anti people. The DEP position is basically that the beach belongs to the turtles and there should be no access to it at all. You can guess how that’s playing. The owner of the place where we stay plans to start his wall some time in December. I told him I’d be more than happy to come over and help. He said we could stay here at the beach as usual (for free) so that might make for a busy December.

I was somewhat surprised by the election results but not blown away. By about 7PM, a few minutes after the polls closed signs of the upset started to appear. I crashed about 10PM and by then fully expected to wake up to a Trump victory. Right on. My write in candidate never made the news. Nice to see the libs/Dem’s rioting in the streets – unruly bunch; city folk; a real class act. Reminds me of the 60’s. Do these folks classify as deplorable?

Update on the seawall- I ended up spending most of the day working on the project along with several other friends of the neighbor. We installed 15 x 12’ long 6”x6” posts where installed means setting them in holes 6’deep, spaced 8’ apart in a sawtooth pattern. Then bolting 8’ long 2”x12” planks between the posts. I quit about 5PM for dinner with Nancy and Tom and the work crew was just finishing up a couple hours later. Today the new sand should be brought in – I think on the order of 15 truck loads. Can’t wait for that.

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